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Are you looking for an emergency Medical Center Vevey to take your child to? Has your child suffered a medical emergency that requires the best attention from some of the best pediatrician Vevey? Rest assured that our Medical Center at Centre médical Gare de Vevey is open to address all of your child’s health and healthcare needs.We are a team of medical experts who are constantly working on new ways to ensure that you get the best services possible.Our doctors have been specially selected to offer each patient the best quality of care and treatment services. when you come into our Medical Center for an emergency consultation, rest assured that we won’t keep you waiting as we already have a team of experts on the ground to address all of your concerns,When you come into our Medical Center, we guarantee that we address all common medical emergencies affecting your child’s health. Some of the common emergencies that we attend to include bone fractures resulting from physical impact accidents and other conditions, fever, sprains, allergies and allergic reactions, wounds, pains in the body, influenza, sore throats, and more.



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Added to our emergency pediatric services, we also focus on the development of children between the ages of 0 and 18. We offer annual check-ups that are focused on making sure that your child is developing in the right wAs part of our annual developmental checkup, rest easy knowing that we monitor all the aspects of your child’s development including cognitive development, mental, emotional, language, social, sensory, and motor development.You can also trust us to offer preschool control services aimed at ensuring that your child is ready to begin his or her journey into the learning and academic world.Our services cut across a wide range of healthcare sectors. Contact us today.When you are down or in need of a quick medical checkup to ensure that you are in the right health frame, rest assured that we are the Medical Center Vevey to visit.We have been open for some time and we have addressed the healthcare needs of several members of our community who are in search of a private and personalized approach to their healthcare and treatment needs.When you choose to come into our clinic, we have a team of General Practitioner Vevey 


who makes use of the latest medical equipment to deliver the best and most accurate diagnosis while also offering you a treatment plan that is specific to the condition that has been uncovered.More than this, our general practice doctors also offer follow up services after hospitalization to patients who require the best follow up services to nurse them back to health. Patients are also welcome to come into our clinic for other healthcare needs including management and follow-up of chronic diseases, medical check-up and evaluations, follow-up of injuries and fractures, prevention activities, connection with other healthcare specialists like cardiologists, radiologists and others.




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At Centre médical Gare de Vevey, we have become the leading Medical Center Vevey with a team of medical doctors who are ready to address all of your needs. We take pride in making sure that all of your medical concerns are addressed and this is why we have created an enabling and relaxing environment for all of our patients.Coming into our Medical Center, we guarantee that we have the best general practitioner Vevey on the seat to address all of your needs. Our trained physicians address your individual needs by listening to your complaints and carrying out extensive examinations that uncover the condition from which you suffer.

 Added to our general practice, we also offer treatment services for a wide range of conditions including;The decrease in general condition, the onset of and persistent fatigue, dizzy spells, and nausea, Symptoms of Coronavirus which can include lack of breath, cough, respiratory problems, and others.,Cold, flu, febrile state, tonsillitis, and sore throat treatment.,Treatment of all forms of pain including those affecting the back, neck, abdomen, thoracic region, sciatica, limb, joint, and others.Digestion problems and stomach ache,Control following a fall,Neurological deficit,Treatment of cuts, wounds, and other injuries,Otitis suspicions, urinary tract infections, allergic reactions,Cognitive impairment,And other medical conditions.We also have some of the best pediatrician Vevey to attend to your children.


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