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Yes! Yes. Most insurance companies cover chiropractic treatment. Our office can help you verify your insurance coverage and explain your options to you. We accept automobile accidents and personal injury.

In North America, 50,330 chiropractors were practicing in 2000. This number has increased to nearly 60,000 chiropractors by 2008. The majority of people who sought out chiropractic in 2002-03 had sought relief from pain in their necks and backs. Today, many do so for lower back pain. The vast majority of U.S. Chiropractors participate in managed healthcare. Most U.S. chiropractors are specialists in neuromusculoskeletal problems, but many view chiropractic as primary care. However, in most cases the care chiropractors provide is different from that provided by physicians. Some people may find the complementary care of both doctors and chiropractors helpful.

Sports & Exercise chiropractic professionals demonstrate advanced competencies in the customised approach to active individuals of all ages and abilities, at individual and group levels by utilising evidence-based, multi-modal techniques to enhance the function of the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

Chiropractic Near Me Santa Monica

An outcome study that was conducted in 1998 found spinal decompression therapy to be effective in 71% cases. Patients reported experiencing a decrease in their pain to either 0 (or 1) on a scale of 1 to 5.

Although there are many schools of chiropractic adjustive methods, most chiropractors use techniques from multiple schools. In a 2003 survey, more than 10% of US licensed chiropractors received the following adjustments: Diversified technique. A 2008 systematic review found insufficient evidence to recommend its use for chronic low-back pain.

Traditional Chinese medicine describes acupuncture in terms of balancing energy flow or life force. It is believed that chi flows through pathways (meridians).

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Doctor Rodriguez was my doctor. He was extremely friendly and polite and answered all my questions. Megan, the front desk staff member was extremely helpful. For a fast and simple process, she contacted me by text. I felt immediate relief from the upper back pain I've had for over 2 years. Prodigy Chiro Care, Spinal Rehab will provide any further relief I need.

"I bought this product for my husband. He's now in his mid forties and has been suffering from back pain since he was injured by a car. It was great that a chiropractor took xrays of his back before making any adjustments. The chiropractor can educate you on the state of your spine, and then create a plan to get it back to health. My husband has suffered from migraine headaches, vertigo, and other symptoms. He has been on the road of recovery so far. We are very happy with the results .."-Natalie.

Once your history has been gathered, the chiropractor will perform a physical examination or may start treatment. This could be manual spinal manipulation or may involve the use of various chiropractic instruments. Once your adjustment is completed, the chiropractor will recommend a set of follow up visits. The number and frequency of your visits will depend on your current condition, your level of pain, and the other treatments you have. The best way to get chiropractic care is to combine it with pain management treatments such as medication, physical therapy and pain-relieving injections.

Best Custom Foot Orthotics in Santa Monica
Best Custom Foot Orthotics Santa Monica

Best Custom Foot Orthotics Santa Monica

To treat a disc problem that’s affecting your lower back, we fit a harness comfortably around your hips and attach the other end to the table, near your feet. After activating the table, the lower portion gently slides back and forth, slowly lengthening your spine and alleviating pressure.

A chiropractic specialist in sports can help you if you are an athlete, or someone who is active regularly. Sports chiropractors can help you get back to your best regardless of your level of experience.

In 2005, the chiropractic subluxation was defined by the World Health Organization as "a lesion or dysfunction in a joint or motion segment in which alignment, movement integrity and/or physiological function are altered, although contact between joint surfaces remains intact. It is essentially a functional entity, which may influence biomechanical and neural integrity." This differs from the medical definition of subluxation as a significant structural displacement, which can be seen with static imaging techniques such as X-rays. The use of X-ray imaging in the case of vertebral subluxation exposes patients to harmful ionizing radiation for no evidentially supported reason. The 2008 book Trick or Treatment states "X-rays can reveal neither the subluxations nor the innate intelligence associated with chiropractic philosophy, because they do not exist." Attorney David Chapman-Smith, Secretary-General of the World Federation of Chiropractic, has stated that "Medical critics have asked how there can be a subluxation if it cannot be seen on X-ray. The answer is that the chiropractic subluxation is essentially a functional entity, not structural, and is therefore no more visible on static X-ray than a limp or headache or any other functional problem." The General Chiropractic Council, the statutory regulatory body for chiropractors in the United Kingdom, states that the chiropractic vertebral subluxation complex "is not supported by any clinical research evidence that would allow claims to be made that it is the cause of disease."

Best Custom Foot Orthotics Near Me Santa Monica

In all my 25 years of experience seeing chiropractors, Dr Rodriguez has been the most gentle, thorough and effective. Highly recommended

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Different countries have different requirements. Chiropractic diplomas are not medically approved in the United States. There have been criticisms of chiropractic education in the United States for not adhering to generally accepted standards that are evidence-based. The content of North American medical colleges' curriculums in basic and clinical science has very little similarity to that of North American chiropractic schools. In order to be accredited by the U.S. chiropractic program, applicants must have completed 90 semester hours in undergraduate education with at least a 3.0 average on a 4.0 scale. Many programs require that applicants have at least three years' undergraduate education. Some require a bachelor’s level. Canada requires applicants to complete at minimum three years of undergraduate studies and 4200 instructional hours (or equivalent) of fulltime chiropractic education before they can matriculate through an accredited chiropractor program. Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC), graduate are recognized to have at minimum 7-8 years of university-level education. According to the World Health Organization's guidelines, there are three main paths for full-time education that end in a DC (DCM), BSc, BSc, MSc or MSc degree. The WHO guidelines suggest full-time pathways, as well as a conversion program that can be used by people with previous health care education and limited training programs to help those in areas where chiropractic is not regulated by law.

The chiropractor will collect your history and may perform a physical exam. Or they may commence treatment. This could include manual spinal manipulations or other chiropractic instruments. The chiropractor will give you a recommendation for follow-up visits after your adjustment has been completed. The number of visits depends on your current health status, how severe your pain is, and which other therapies you use to manage it. When possible, chiropractic care should be combined with other pain management options such as medication or physical therapy.

To understand your injury better, your healthcare provider could conduct multiple tests. These tests can include:

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For nearly a decade I have been a huge fan of chiropractic. I visited the doctor only when I needed a regular check-up. After enrolling in the PhD program, I realized that surfing was less enjoyable and that I spent more time sitting at my computer. The Joint offered me periodic check-ups, but that wasn't enough. I love that the office is open to the public and the doctors are kind and caring. Regular adjustments have allowed me to avoid the need for last-minute, unplanned adjustments I was used to in the past. Sign up today to get started! After an adjustment you will feel refreshed and be able to make better choices in your life. Thank you to Prodigy Chiro & Spinal Rehab, for keeping these students healthy and in alignment.

I have been a fan of chiropractic care for nearly a decade. I would normally visit the doctor when I needed a periodic tune-up throughout the year. After enrolling in a PhD program, I found myself doing less surfing and more sitting in front of my computer. Periodic tune-ups weren't enough and I found my way to The Joint. I love the drop-in policy and the docs are caring and friendly. Due to the regular adjustments, I have avoided the desperate, last minute, hobbled-over adjustments of my past and can feel the benefits of regular care. If you haven't tried it, sign up today! You will feel revitalized after an adjustment and will want to make healthy choices in other areas. Thank you to Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab for keeping the good student healthy and aligned.

For many reasons, Dr. Rotdriguez is my chiropractor of 15 years. His adjustments are excellent.

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It all depends on how much you sit. Most of the time, when there is too much sitting, it tends to weaken the core. People have an overall tendency not to sit correctly. In general, they like to sit in two ways: either slumped or not using the chair correctly and in a forward position, which then causes you to slump anyway.