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Megan, at the front desk, is always polite and greets you with a smile every time you walk in. Dr. Rodriguez is an amazing doctor! He is thorough and kind. I am a resident of Ocean Park, but I travel to Ocean Park because they are the best at what their do.

Spinal decompression gently assists bulging or herniated spines to return their correct positions for long-term relief. Decompression therapy could help your discs keep their place rather than continue to move outside of their desired spots.

In a 1998 study, 71% of spinal decompression treatment cases were successful. Patients reported that their pain levels dropped to 0 or 1.

Amateur and seasoned runners both have common misalignments of their low backs and pelvis. These are mechanical weaknesses that can make runners vulnerable to debilitating injuries or joint degeneration (arthritis).

I needed chiropractic care to relieve my lower and middle back pain. The pain is less severe now. I have a much better posture. I would recommend Prodigy Chiro & Spinal Rehab.

Requirements differ from country to country. American chiropractors receive a diploma in the non-medical field of chiropractic. It has been criticised that chiropractic education in the U.S. does not meet accepted standards for evidence-based medicine. The North American chiropractic and medical college curriculums regarding basic and/or clinical sciences are very different. There is not much overlap in the subjects covered and the time allotted to each subject. American chiropractic programs require applicants to have completed 90 semesters of undergraduate education, with a minimum of 3.0 points on a 4.0 scale. Many programs require three years of education. Others may require a bachelor's. Canada requires applicants at least 3 years of undergraduate education, as well as 4200 hours or the equivalent of full-time Chiropractic education to be matriculated into an accredited program. Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College's (CMCC), graduates have formally been recognized to have attained at least 7-8years of university education. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines recommend three main, full-time educational routes that culminate in either a DC degree, DCM, BSc/MSc degree or a BSc degree. In addition to the full-time options, they recommend a conversion plan for people with additional health care education as well as limited training programs for areas that don't have chiropractic laws.

Best Spinal Decompression Near Me Santa Monica

Your chiropractor might position you differently to access different parts of your body. For chiropractic adjustments, you will usually be positioned on a specially padded chiropractor table. You may hear clicking and popping sounds as your chiropractor adjusts your spine or other joints with controlled force.

Traditional Chinese medicine defines acupuncture to be a technique that balances the flow of energy, or life force.

An online survey of UK chiropractors revealed that only 45% disclosed to patients the risk of cervical spine manipulation. 46% of respondents believed patients might refuse treatment if the risks were properly explained. However, 80% of respondents acknowledged that it was their ethical/moral duty to inform patients about the risk.

Best Spinal Decompression Near Me Santa Monica
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Every NFL team has an official team chiropractor as of the 2014-2015 season. Major League Baseball has 30 teams with a team chiropractor. A 2006 study that examined Division I NCAA athletes participating in intercollegiate sporting events in Hawaii revealed that 39% of those surveyed reported using chiropractic services within the past 12 months.

There are many schools of chiropractic adjustment techniques. Most chiropractors however, mix techniques from multiple schools. The following adjustment procedures were received in 2003 by more that 10% of US-licensed chiropractors: Diversified method. A 2008 systematic study did not find enough evidence for its use to treat chronic low back pain.

Your chiropractor may place you in various ways to access different parts or your body. Your chiropractor will typically place you face down on a specially padded, padded chiropractic table to allow for chiropractic adjustments. You might hear popping and crackling as your chiropractor realigns the spine or joints.

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Since the 2014-2015 NFL season, each NFL team had an officially licensed team chiropractor. Major League Baseball boasts 30 teams that have a team chiropractor. An analysis of Division I NCAA athletes in Hawaii at intercollegiate sporting events found that 39% reported having used chiropractic care within the last 12 month.

After your history has been collected, the chiropractor may conduct a physical exam. This could involve manual manipulation or using various chiropractic instruments. After the adjustment is complete, your chiropractor will recommend a program of follow-up visits. The number you require will depend on how bad your condition is, how severe the pain is and what other therapies are being used to treat it. A combination of chiropractic and other pain management treatments like medication, chiropractic care, and physical therapy is the best option.

Dr. Rodriguez is an amazing doctor. He cares about my hip condition and worked with me to relax. He worked quickly on my hip to get every price in line and back in its place.

Best Massage Therapy Near Me Santa Monica

Traditional Chinese medicine explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force — known as chi — believed to flow through pathways (meridians) in...

Dr. Rotdriguez has been my chiropractor for 15 years for several reasons. First of all, his adjustments are the best.

Yes! Most insurance companies cover chiropractic care. If you are unsure of your insurance coverage, our office will be glad to contact your insurance company to verify your benefits and then explain your coverage to you. We also accept personal injury and automobile accidents.

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There were around 50,330 chiropractors practicing in North America in 2000. In 2008, this has increased by almost 20% to around 60,000 chiropractors. In 2002–03, the majority of those who sought chiropractic did so for relief from back and neck pain and other neuromusculoskeletal complaints; most do so specifically for low back pain. The majority of U.S. chiropractors participate in some form of managed care. Although the majority of U.S. chiropractors view themselves as specialists in neuromusculoskeletal conditions, many also consider chiropractic as a type of primary care. In the majority of cases, the care that chiropractors and physicians provide divides the market, however for some, their care is complementary.

Chiropractic's roots are in the folk medicine and bonesetting. The evolution of chiropractic has included vitalism as well as spiritual inspiration and rationalism. Chiropractic's first philosophy was based in deduction from irrefutable truth. This allowed it to distinguish chiropractic from medicine. It also gave it legal and political protections from claims that it could not practice medicine without licensure. This "straight", taught to generations, is a rejection of inferential reasoning, and relies upon deductions from vitalistic, first principles rather that on the materialisms associated with science. However, practitioners often incorporate scientific research in chiropractic. Additionally, most practitioners are "mixers", trying to combine the materialistic minimalism of science with metaphysics from their predecessors, and with the holistic paradigm. As part of an effort to remove untested dogmas, chiropractic should be actively disassociated from straight philosophy and engage in evidence-based and critical thinking.

Although there are some studies that don't include control subjects that conclude decompression therapy is effective, most of the ones that do conclude mechanized cervical decompression is not better than sham. [Schimmel JJ, et al. European Spine Journal 18 (12):1843-50 (2009). There is insufficient evidence to support the claim that spinal decompression therapy is any more effective or as efficient than cheaper manual methods for treating back pain or injuries to herniated or damaged discs.

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Work trauma can be any kind of trauma resulting from physical activity at work, or anything that’s a chronic condition, due to repetitive use of certain postures. And that can include sitting for prolonged periods of time, not taking regular breaks and not sitting correctly. Ergonomics does play a big role. Everyone spends a lot of money on trying to get the proper chairs and sitting on Swiss balls to try to regain some of that core. A lot of these issues can be corrected by just going from a sitting to a standing position and still maintaining your workload.

Treatments to overcome lower back pain depend on a combination of things. I am looking at whether this is an acute or chronic condition and at how long it has been since the pain started. These factors all play a big role in what protocol we actually use when helping the patient out. As far as overcoming the pain, we would most likely start with the same thing, do a proper assessment as far as what needs to happen, give the patient a series of home exercises. There is another important factor in treatment and prevention: the job they do and their position during work plays a big role as far as affecting the patients’ back. So, depending on if your job is physical or if you have a sitting down job like most people do, the exercises and treatment alternatives will vary. Breaking the routine does play a big role, so going from a seated to a standing position, obviously will help a lower back condition. Lower back pain treatments are largely depending on the condition we need to treat. We may be dealing with the severity of a disbulge, with herniation, proliferation, prolapse. Depending on whatever it is, we treat according to protocol. So, someone who comes in with an acute condition they have not had in the past, will usually get treated very conservatively with chiropractics, and that usually involves manual adjustments. For a more complex version, like spinal decompression, we concentrate on the disc to distract it out, depending on the size of the herniation.

Headaches are sometimes associated with lower back pain. This generally occurs when people are holding their stress or their posture in the upper part of what’s called the trapezius, which is the muscle located right below the neck line. By having a forward posture, you are encouraging your body to go into a C-shape posture, which causes the shoulders to go around it, and then you lead with the head. In doing so, you can actually constrict the artery that allows blood to flow to the head, leading to tension headaches. Our bodies are dictated by our lower backs, which means that if we don’t maintain that curve, called a lower dotted curve, we will make our bodies stay in this forward head posture. This then puts a lot of strain on your back, due to the fact that the weight is being distributed unevenly.