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Carlos Rodriguez is without doubt the best chiropractor that I have ever experienced. I am no longer a resident of Los Angeles.

Non-surgical treatments such as decompression therapy can help relieve pain from your spine. Your health care provider may use traction during non-surgical spinal compression to gently stretch and relax your spine. The stretching can help your spine to reposition itself which could reduce your pain.

Yes! Many insurance companies will cover chiropractic care. If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, we will gladly contact your company to confirm your benefits and to explain your coverage. We accept both personal injury and auto accidents.

The World Health Organization defined chiropractic subluxation as "a dysfunction or lesion in a joint/motion segment where alignment, movement integrity, and/or physiological function have been altered." However, contact between the joint surfaces is not affected. It is fundamentally a functional entity that may affect biomechanical or neural integrity. This is in contrast to the medical definition that subluxation is a significant structural displacement. Static imaging techniques like X-rays can help you see this. Patients are exposed to harmful ionizing radiation when they use X-ray imaging for vertebral subluxation. This is not supported by evidence. Trick or Treatment (2008) states that X-rays cannot reveal subluxations or the inherent intelligence of chiropractic philosophy. Attorney David Chapman Smith, Secretary-General of World Federation of Chiropractic, stated that "Medical critics" have asked how a subluxation can be seen on Xray. The chiropractic subluxation, which is fundamentally a functional entity and not structural, is therefore not visible on static Xray. It is no more visible than a limp, headache, or any other functional problem. The General Chiropractic Council is the UK's statutory regulator for chiropractors. It states that the chiropractic subluxation complex of the vertebral vertebrae "is not supported" by clinical research that would support claims that it is the cause.

To help you understand the extent of your injury, your healthcare provider might perform several tests. Some of these tests include:

"I bought this for my husband. He has had back issues since he was hit by a car in his early twenties, he's now mid fifties. It was great to have a chiropractor take x-rays before making any adjustments to his back. The chiropractor educates you on the health of the spine and works out a plan to bring it back to it's healthy state. My husband had been struggling with migraine headaches and vertigo. So far he is on the road to recovery. We are very satisfied with the results thus far.."-Natalie H.

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In 2000, North America had 50,330 chiropractors. This number has risen to almost 60,000 chiropractors in 2008 from 50,330 in 2000. The majority of people who sought chiropractic care in 2002-03 were seeking relief from their back or neck pain. Most do this specifically for low back pain. A majority of U.S. chiropractors are involved in managed care. While most U.S. chiropractors consider themselves specialists in neuromusculoskeletal issues, many see chiropractic as primary care. Although the majority of patients do not require the same care as doctors, chiropractors and physicians can provide complementary care.

I believe that my niece would benefit from being able visit a chiropractor if she had spine problems. It was great to hear that chiropractors should be able to understand anatomy and physiology. This knowledge could help my niece with her spine problems. I will have to investigate whether a chiropractor is the best choice or if there are any specialists for spine disorders. Thank you for this information.

My niece has some spine disorders, and I think that being able to visit a chiropractor would be helpful for her. I’m glad that you talked about chiropractors being able to have a knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and I think that being able to have this knowledge would help them with her spine disorders. I’m going to have to see if a chiropractor would be the best option, or if we could find a specialist for spine disorders! Thanks for the information!

Best S.O.T. In Santa Monica
Best S.O.T. Santa Monica

Best S.O.T. Santa Monica

He enjoys helping people with their conditions musculoskeletal using chiropractic as a tool for achieving their health goals.

Last, get in touch with your insurance provider to find a list that includes chiropractors who are covered under your policy. This information will enable you to identify a chiropractor who's covered under your policy and is recommended by your insurance.

The last step is to contact your insurance provider to obtain a list with chiropractors covered under your plan. This list will allow you to locate a chiropractor within your insurance network and be recommended by your insurer.

Best S.O.T. Near Me Santa Monica

Santa Monica's sport chiropractors provide this type medicine to both professional and non-professional athletes. They diagnose and treat sports-related injuries. They also work to optimize athletic function using non-invasive, joint manipulation. The goal is often to improve muscle tone and balance for a specific sport. Active release technique (ART), select functional movement assessment, (SFMA), along with the Graston techniques are some of the most popular methods in this specialized area.

For several reasons, Dr. Rotdriguez was my chiropractor for 15+ years. First, his adjustments have been the best.

I was looking for chiropractic care as I was experiencing lower and middle-level back pain. The pain is no longer as severe. I have a much better position. Prodigy Spinal & Chiro Rehab is highly recommended.

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Dr. Rodriguez is great. He truly cares about me and my hips. He took care of my hip and put every price back in the right place.

Dr Stayberg and Dr Rodriguez have always provided high-quality, tailored care for me. I also have a chronic lower back problem. They are great at addressing the issues I have accumulated in my daily life. They are excellent at explaining anatomy and best practices so that patients can live healthy lives. They are a great team and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Decompression therapy is non-surgical and helps to relieve pain in your back due to pressure in your spine. Your doctor may recommend traction to help you relax and stretch your back during non-surgical spine compression. This may allow your spine to reposition, which can reduce your pain.

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"I bought the product for my husband. He has had back problems since he was hit by an automobile in his early twenties. He's now in the middle of his fifties. It was great to have x-rays taken by the chiropractor before making any adjustments. The chiropractor informs you about the health of your spine and creates a plan that will restore it to its normal state. My husband had suffered from migraine headaches as well as vertigo. He has made good progress in his recovery. We are very pleased with the results .."-NatalieH.

Our goal is for you to get back to what you love. Santa Monica Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab treats each person as an individual, understanding that every injury is unique. This individualized approach helps patients achieve the best results. Each injury is unique and requires a different course of action and therapy in order to heal properly.

My niece has spine issues and visiting a chiropractor would help her. It's great that you mentioned the need for chiropractors to be familiar with anatomy and physiology. My niece would benefit from this knowledge if she has spine disorders. I'll have to look into whether a chiropractic would be the best option for me or if I can find a specialist in spine disorders. I appreciate the information.

Spinal Decompression Near Me Santa Monica

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It all depends on how much you sit. Most of the time, when there is too much sitting, it tends to weaken the core. People have an overall tendency not to sit correctly. In general, they like to sit in two ways: either slumped or not using the chair correctly and in a forward position, which then causes you to slump anyway.