Cyber Security - An Emerging Internet Research Field

Cybercrime has been a problem from the very start of the Internet. What triggers cybercrime? Would you ever get a virus, or even hacked? These Cybercrimes are very common. Cybercriminals are hacking into networks, creating viruses, and can even steal your financial data. Although we all know this is a possibility when it comes to housing our information on computers, we still think it will never happen to us.

Although cybercrime could not devastate the average person financially, political extremists can cause catastrophic consequences that could exploit the Internet for cyberterrorist actions.

What is Cyber Terrorism?

This is when an entity or organization uses the Internet's anonymity and global reach for their gains, such as terrorist attacks on U.S. information infrastructure in attempts to seal assets, identities, and detailed data. Additionally, they can use the Internet as a tool to locate like-minded extremists to help them try to hack their way into corporate and government networks.

Michael Alcorn, branch chief at the Anti - Terrorism Assistance Office of the State Department, had this to say about cyber terrorism: "The problem we 're all facing is a global borderless problem, where attacks can take place anywhere in the world and originate from anywhere else in the world."

It still rings true today, though he said this in 2005. Attacks against any person or institution may occur at any time, in any place. The only way to combat this is to have people with cyber security experience who specialize in fighting cyber terrorism and cybercriminals. Such people are known as specialists incybersecurity.

What Do Professional Cyber Security Services Do?

They organize information security preparedness and educate users on computer security. Respond to sophisticated cyber attacks, collect data and evidence to be used in prosecuting cyber crimes such as credit card fraud, auction fraud, theft of intellectual property, pedophilia, terrorism, hacking, and monitor the network for any breaches of security. We are usually employed by law enforcement agencies locally, stately, and nationally. This is known as Cyber Forensics. Often cybersecurity practitioners may be called on to assist in computer crime investigations. This is an emerging field and this filed will change ways along with the technology due to advances in technology. Cyber security services have to keep abreast of change and technology and be lifelong learners in their industry.


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