Making Fence Post Caps From Copper Sheet

Imagine this: You're regarding to construct yourself a great fence that's concerning twenty-five articles long and you choose to both enhance and shield it from all-natural decomposing with some copper message caps. Nevertheless, you've seen what taking place when you do not safeguard the top of the fence article with a cap. Nevertheless, when you most likely to the store, you realize that at twenty five dollars a cap, this project instantly escalates in expense! Why not conserve yourself some money. Create these easy-to-make copper sheet caps by yourself?

To start, you'll need a scrap item of 4x4 fence message (or 6x6) concerning three feet long, a circular saw to produce the type on the top of the scrap article, a wood mallet (preferably wood with a 3 inch diameter) to hammer the sheet steel around the type, the copper sheet itself and a set of metal cutters. The suggested copper sheet is a soft mood,.021 inch thick (likewise called 24 gauge or 16oz copper sheet).

Initially, fence companies Austin you will want to determine what shape you desire the post cap to be. A basic triangular pointer is a great selection. So, making use of the round saw, cut the type (your item of scrap post) to the desired form.

Second, you could need to experiment, yet reduced the copper to the proper size for your specific message cap layout. I could advise utilizing some scrap metal to experiment instead of valuable copper sheet. But it's your choice.

You can anneal the copper sheet to make it extra flexible as soon as you have your cutout. Nevertheless, Austin fence company the annealing is completely optional and not completely needed due to the copper sheet already being rather soft. However, annealing is merely warming the copper sheet for an extended amount of time, generally up until it is radiant, and after that permitting it to cool slowly. This heating can be done with an usual blowtorch.

Next off, regardless of if you select to anneal or otherwise, Austin fence company utilize the club to flex the copper around the kind. A great method for working the copper sheet is to batter the club in the method you desire the metal to bend. This will function best if you can draw the club directly in the direction of yourself while hammering. This is when you will wish to have your shatterproof glass firmly in area shielding your eyes. Also, you may desire to think about putting opening in the cap for the protecting nail.

Finally, to include a great luster to the cap, use some sealer to maintain the it bright and corrosion free. Or, let the cap age and patina normally for the that traditional look (I believe this looks amazing).

And ... Viola! You currently have a stunning fence post cap! On a last note, make certain to use eye protection and all the required safety tools while operating any kind of possibly hazardous devices. Hope you enjoy your brand-new post caps!