Turkish Rugs Buyer's Guide

Rugs originate from all over the world. The Middle East is known for its Persian rugs, while America is known for its indigenous rugs. However, when you look into the past of Turkish rugs, Europe is one continent that is never really considered for rugs. You can buy Turkish rugs cheap, from Rug Source at a great price compared to other types of rugs. 

This style dates back to 7000BC and is all attributable to the migration between Europe and Asia of tribes. Turkey is sitting on the Silk Road, and today, there are still many designs that are still handmade - although industrial units now do many.

Turkish rug designs are very bold and elegant. First used goat hair because it was so sturdy and, like rugs, they made bedding and floor coverings. However, they were used for the rugs as wool and silk were produced and became better recognized. Due to the soft feeling and ability to dye a range of colors, wool was the most common. Also, the soft material was solid.

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Many of the rugs are in bold colors that can naturally be found because created the dye is through plants' use. Yellows, browns, reds, blues, and blacks are very common in Turkey's traditional rugs, although today, other colors are used.

Religious symbols and designs are the patterns used on Turkish rugs. It was a nomadic tradition to weave the symbols into the items when they were initially made, and this grew as weaving became more well established around the world. Geometrical floral patterns and motifs are also common now, and they look incredibly similar to Persian rug patterns. Typically, these trends have a meaning behind them.

As long as you know how to look after them, Turkish rugs can last a very long time. Since the dirt can damage the fibers, it is essential to ensure they stay clean. Through using a broom regularly, may wash the dirt. Rugs should never be washed in a machine because, even if you find one made of traditional goat fur, it will seriously harm the fibers. You should always do it gently and by hand, if you are going to wash a Turkish rug yourself.

These rugs can be pricey, but you should know that the excellent quality is paid for by you. These rugs will last you all your life and more. Now in an antique shop, you might be able to find an original Turkish rug. Wholesale Kilim Rugs is the best place to purchase any type of rug you are looking for. They have a wide variety and all in stock.