Using a Wood Fire to Heat Your Home

Anyone who grew up with the pleasant warmth of a wood stove will always have a soft spot for this heating or even cooking technique. However, there is a catch: wood does not come from a pipeline or the mains. Most people's only alternative is to buy pre-cut firewood, so consider yourself fortunate if you can cut or gather your own. My family has always done their wood. It used to be a ritual for us to go out in our thermal underwear and heavy coats on frigid winter days to choose our trees for the year, then cut them in the spring and summer.

Here are some quick tips for everyone who burns wood:

If you must purchase wood, purchase as much as you can at once. Yes, more is always better. One of the first things I learned about selling wood was that the smaller the lot (i.e., bundles, cords, or bagfuls) you can break down a load into, the more money you can make. If the wood doesn't go wrong, store it somewhere and use it up next year if necessary. Consider buying unsplit rounds of wood and splitting them yourself if you live in the suburbs or out of town with a large yard. Axes are inexpensive, provide a good workout, and help you save money.

Wood Heaters Adelaide

Is it possible for you to use a chainsaw? Now we're talking! Wood heaters Adelaide becomes relatively cost-effective if you can find a place to cut your wood. I won't try to make this a 101 chainsaw guide because using a chainsaw can be harmful if you aren't familiar with it. Many folks will allow you to cut a load of wood on their land if you live in the country. I usually reciprocate with a six-pack of beer, which ensures that there will be a future time.

If you're going to chop your wood, this is the one I recommend. Cut it wet, fresh, and green. Live trees, to be precise. Some people will be offended, but I've got 90 acres of bush to tend, so the occasional live tree isn't missed all that much. What is the significance of the color green? Like butter, it slices and splits! When wood dries, the fibers all shrink and stick together. If you get it while it's still green, it'll practically fall apart when you ax it. There is no dust and saw vibration causes far less fatigue and jarring when cutting. Only do this if you have the financial means to keep the wood for at least two years to allow it to fully dry and if you have ready access to live trees.

That's all there is to it; perhaps that's helpful. Fireplace Adelaide has always been and will continue to be the heart of the home, at least for me. Thermal underwear is the only thing that comes close in terms of comfort and value. Yes, I wear it to work and recommend it to anyone who has to work in the wilderness throughout the winter with chimney sweep Adelaide!