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When it comes to maintaining the highest quality standards of Precision Machining, rest assured that our company, Contour Tool Inc. is at the forefront of it all. We have been in the industry for years and have over this time grown to become one of the trusted and reliable providers of Precision Machining solutions to customers across a wide range of industries.Our inventory management solutions have been designed to not only save you money but also help you to meet the needs of your customer base whose demand may be affected by different factors. We make sure that by choosing our inventory management solution, you will be able to enjoy lower costs on inventory management and other related issues. We also save you extra cost on storage of your inventory as we have a climate modified storage that houses your inventory needs and a next day shipping advantage to you and your customers.Rest assured that we are ready to attend to all of your needs relating to CNC precision milling, CNC Precision Machining, CNC precision turning, CNC Precision Mill Turn, Wire EDM, Machining of Castings, Machined prototype, manufacturability prototypes, value-added assembly and more. 


CNC Precision Machining


Our approach to business is simple and it is focused on making sure that every one of our customers has access to the best CNC Precision Machining solutions for the advancement of their business. We take things to the next level by making sure that long term clients are offered a variety of inventory management solutions that guarantees them a lower overhead cost while also being able to cater to the fluctuations in consumer demand for their products.Our main aim to provide a quality product that is unparalleled in terms of strength and acceptance has pushed us to constantly improve on our technology and the quality of services that we deliver.Rest assured that we are laser-focused on providing all of our customers with the world-class quality products and assemblies that they deserve.We have a company-wide obsession with quality and this is why we are able to deliver fast while guaranteeing 100 percent satisfactory services and products.We have structured our services to embody the indices of quality which begins with being on time to meetings with new and existing customers. We take things to the next level by ensuring that all deadlines are honored and respected, this means that you will not have to worry about falling behind with help from our team.



CNC Machining


Contour Tool Inc. is a company that takes pride in providing the best products and services on time. We have over the years maintained a near 100 percent customer satisfaction rate and we continue to work on new ways to ensure that all of your needs are met appropriately.As a company that specializes in Precision Machining, we focus on our capabilities and these include precision milling, turning, drilling, tapping, boring, reaming, recessing, thread milling, laser marking, wire EDM, 3-D machining and value-added assembly.We have over the years perfected our CNC Precision Machining craft and this has helped us to serve a wider range of industries and markets including recreational vehicles, compressors, oil and gas, medical equipment, transportation, heavy tricks, HVAC, racing, marine, agricultural and construction, pumps and valves, aerospace and industrial markets.


Our model of doing business is unique as we bring authenticity, reliability, credibility, and more to your needs. We are quick to attend to you and your needs while also focusing on quality to make sure that all of your needs are well met. We take your needs seriously and this is why we have also expanded our services to offer you inventory management solutionsWe are also committed to doing what we should be doing and getting it done perfectly, this means that we will handle all of your needs like it's ours. With our impeccable project management solution and ability to follow through on details, we are able to fulfill all CNC Machining commitments to you and our other customers.

Click Here to Call Us:440-365-7333

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