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We offer copier machine repair service for the following copy machine brands: Ricoh (copier service), Canon (Copier Repair), Xerox (Copier Repair), Konica Minolta (Copier Repair Services) HP Copier Service. Many of our customers already own copy machines and desktop printers.
Copier machine repair can be very stressful and very expensive if the repair technician is not certified or properly trained.
Unfortunately there’s really no way to tell until it’s too late.

Copy Machine Sales Lease & Rentals

JR Copier of Minnesota has one of the most comprehensive leases & service plans in the Twin Cities metro area. No other dealer can service a wide variety of copier makes and models that we can service. If you are unhappy with the quality of your service provider. Remember we can service many brands and models.

Copier Sales Lease Rentals

Photocopiers are very similar to a vehicle in that they can cost as much as one, have hundreds of moving parts, they have natural friction that produces wear and tear, they have consumables, and staying ahead of maintenance is critical to keep the wheels turning.

Copier & Laser Printer Repair

Leasing a copier has even more benefits, for example, purchasing would leave your office with depreciating hardware that would still need to be maintained. Eventually replacing parts without a maintenance agreement would be very costly. Additionally, there are certain tax deductions that you may qualify for with the lease payments. Leasing a copier vs owning one may be a dramatic difference when it comes to your corporate taxes.

Copier Rentals

Copier leasing in Minnesota is often mistaken for a copy machine rental. So what’s the difference? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from new customers. When considering leasing or rental, the primary difference boils down to commitment and availability. Depending on your office needs there are advantages to both. Committing to a 36 month lease term for example is like having a warranty or insurance for your copier.

Some businesses are not aware that the lease term also comes with a commitment to dispatch a repair tech the same day, supply free toner, maintain and repair the copier. The availability of copier rentals are limited to our smaller fleet and don’t offer the lowest cost per print. Rentals are designed to be day-to-day or week-to-week. It’s also worth mentioning photocopier lease advantages far out weight the limited photocopier rental and here’s why. When you rent a photocopy machine you are not held to a longer commitment, but it’s not likely you’ll have a high quality or new copier either. Rentals often have much higher mileage and are typically shipped across the city or state for conferences or even short term construction sites. While in contrast, when you lease a color copier or even a desktop printer you’re receiving a product that no other customer or company has used or abused. Copier Rental.

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