How to find a good roofer?

Building a house involves the employment of many professionals. One of them is a roofer. Do not count on luck and choose the one that offers the lowest price and just has a free date. Such carelessness may end up with a quick renovation of the roof, which is associated with unforeseen and, unfortunately, considerable costs and disorganization of the life of the household members.

Usually, good roofing teams do not look for a job, but even have a tight schedule. Therefore, it is best to start your search several months in advance - remember that roofers usually work from spring to autumn.
Some companies have narrow specializations, while others offer a wide range of possibilities. A lot depends on our needs and expectations, as well as the tasks we want to outsource. Therefore, when looking for a professional, do not make hasty decisions.

Where to find a roofer?
It is worth starting the search for a roofer by collecting opinions from friends, friends or family who have recently built or renovated a house. Positive ratings from trusted people are the best references. In addition, we will be able to personally check the quality of the services provided. The best way to do this is to go to the roof of the building to check the condition of the roofing - the roof usually looks good from the bottom.

For information on the roofing team, we can ask the manufacturer of the covering we choose - the companies recommended by him participate in training, they know the products very well, so they should be able to handle the roof finish without any problem.

Building depots and design offices are also sources of information about local roofers. We can look for a specialist in social media, on internet or discussion forums - investors who have gone through the process of building a house are happy to share their experience and provide contacts to professionals, and often warn against unreliable companies.

Many roofers also have their own websites where they boast about the implemented projects. Remember, however, that you can actually post anything on the Internet, and the website acts as an advertisement to encourage you to use the services.
What do you have to ask the roofer about?
When talking to a roofer, let's ask if he can boast the title of apprentice or master. Although these documents are not professional, they are an indicator. Whether the roofer has them can be checked in the land register of the Chamber of Crafts.

The reliability of the work performed may be proved by belonging to an organization associating roofers. In order to be a member of regional or national associations of roofers, certain conditions must be met, for example, have appropriate, documented qualifications or perform a certain number of works.

It is also worth finding out about previous projects. Of course, they should be documented - then we will be able to check these investments.

An important piece of information is whether the roofer participates in training courses organized by roofing manufacturers. The certificates obtained on them indicate that the specialist is constantly improving and is up to date with technological innovations and new products. Of course, other employees of the company should also participate in such training, not just the owner.

Let's also ask if the team is permanent - the high turnover of employees does not reflect the company very well. Let's check if the roofer has the necessary equipment, such as a sheet metal bending machine, power tools, as well as scaffolding and roofing hoist. Appropriate technical background confirms that the company appreciates the quality of workmanship and has a lot of experience. Importantly, the company entrusted with the roof construction should employ employees in accordance with the legal requirements and have a valid civil liability policy, which protects the investor against shortcomings in roofing works or accidents at the construction site.

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