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Here at Craft Cannabis Recreational Marijuana Dispensary, we carry a wide selection of cannabis products. As the best Dispensary Near Me, we are constantly striving to offer the best experience and this has led to the expansion of the product range that we carry.Rest assured that when you come into our dispensary, you will gain access to the best cannabis near me for all your needs, whether medical or recreational. Some of the products that we offer include;Flowers-We carry a wide range of marijuana flowers across the different strains including Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Rest assured that we are more than happy to offer you products that pack a punch and those that have been organically grown and tended to. 



Some of the products that we have on our shelf include Ex’s gift, Gelato cake, and LSP.Pre-Rolls-With our pre-rolls, you won’t have to suffer yourself to wait for an expert to roll the next joint for you. We make smoking easier for you by offering the best pre-rolls. Some of the pre-rolls that we offer include Lava cake, LSD, and Mimosa.Edibles-If you aren’t interested in getting high off smoking, a better way to ease yourself into the feeling is via edibles. We carry some of the finest edibles in the area. Shop different edibles from cakes to cookies, chips, chocolates, coffee, and more. Some of the options that we offer include 1:1 Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt, 1:1 Espresso + Dark Chocolate, and more.Extracts-We carry the finest cannabis extracts for your specific needs. All extracts have different levels of potency and are guaranteed to deliver real results. Some of the products we carry include Ghost Train Haze and Cannalope Kush extract.You can also choose from the wide variety of vapes, tinctures, gear, and topicals that we carry.


Cannabis Near Me


Here at Craft Cannabis Recreational Marijuana Dispensary, our primary goal is to serve you better. We achieve this by making sure that we are the very best Dispensary near me. We carry some of the finest products in the area and we are more than happy to put customers through the process of selecting the very best Cannabis Near Me for their specific needs. As the leading Cannabis dispensary in the area, we go above and beyond to make sure that all things are convenient for our customers.We are conveniently located and our dispensary is easy to access.“Nestled in the valley just east of the cascade mountains along the Columbia River, close to Lake Chelan and Leavenworth, Craft Cannabis is Wenatchee’s one-stop-shop for all of your cannabis needs. At Craft Cannabis, we strive to bring the best quality products in the state from some of the top producers in Washington. Come see our huge selection of CBD, Edibles, Topicals, Concentrates, Flower, and more! You will also find a wide variety of glass and paraphernalia from vape pens, Pax, pipes, to bongs, and dab rigs – we have something for everyone! Craft Cannabis is locally owned and operated with easy access on Wenatchee Avenue. Come say “high” to our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Craft Cannabis in Wenatchee!”When you come into our dispensary, we make sure that you are presented with a wide range of products to choose from to meet your specific needs. You will also have access to a wide range of specials designed to save you money while delivering the best experience to you.Come into our dispensary on Sundays to take advantage of our 15% discount price on all products. On Mondays, we offer a special 30% discount on all munchies after your first purchase. You can also enjoy a 20% discount on all concentrates purchased on Wednesdays.






When you are looking for a Dispensary near me that offers you more for less, rest assured that there is only one place to look and that is Craft Cannabis Recreational Marijuana Dispensary.Here at Craft Cannabis Recreational Marijuana Dispensary, we understand that when you are looking for the best cannabis near me, you are also looking for quality, comfort, and convenience. We bring all of these to you with ease. We are a team that focuses on making sure that you remain happy with all of the products that we carry. What better way to ensure this than to offer you the very best selection of products.As part of our move to make sure that you remain active and satisfied, we offer some of the best deals and Cannabis specials.



Come into our dispensary to take advantage of our specials which include;- CBD Sunday-Are you looking for the best cannabis experience on a Sunday? Come into our dispensary and we are more than willing to give as much as a 15% discount off all of the CBD products that we carry. This means that you get to save big on all cannabis topicals, tinctures, capsules, cartridges, flowers, and pre-rolls.We are more than happy to deliver premium quality products to you while saving you more money.- Munchie Monday-Rest assured that our Mondays are for the munchies experience. come into our dispensary to take advantage of the special deal that allows you to get two edibles for a lesser price. Our buy one, get one discounted offer lets you buy one and get the other which is of the same or lesser value for 30% off.- Waxy Wednesday-Come into our dispensary on Wednesdays for a waxy feeling. Buy four or more concentrates and get as much a 20% off of all concentrates.


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