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Creation Plumbing

Public awareness for scam contractors.

John Collision and Steve Mannix are the people behind Newcastle and Lake Macquarie based Creation Plumbing. The devil is in the detail once it come to light just what they are creating.

Builders and clients have been left without completed project, faulty plumbing and incomplete works. The cost to rectify these mistakes has run into the thousands. Following a recent termination and court action with a local Newcastle Building company. Steve and John have both been un responsive to any helpful talks regarding a smooth resolution for incomplete works.

Creation Plumbing, (formally Wyong Plumbing) are responsible for leaving dozens of hoe owners with faulty and incomplete plumbing works. Letter received from the NSW department of fair trading suggest that plumbing works have not been completed to the Australian standards or in some cases at all.

Steve and John are the masters of lies and deception and have falsely claimed monies that they are not entitled, over claimed works, under delivered and caused thousands of dollars of problems and financial hardship.

It is important for members of the public and local main contractors to make sure Steve Mannix and John Collison are not engaged for additional plumbing works. Additional information shall come to light in the coming weeks regarding the court proceedings and other personal legal action by affected parties.

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