A Data Driven Creative Game
What is Happy Bird?

Explore how you can use data to change an ad creative on-the-fly. You can customise your own game based on dynamic data signals, such as the user’s age, gender, interests and music choice.

How was this done?

Built using Google Web Designer, a free HTML5 authoring tool integrated into the DoubleClick stack, making it easy to create beautiful and engaging motion graphics that can run on any device.

Hosted on DoubleClick Studio, our creative management platform giving users full control over assets and creative behaviour.

Powered by DoubleClick Bid Manager, our programmatic buying platform, helping to connect the right audience to the right creative in real-time.

Team up with one of our certified partners offering world-class expertise across a range of technology and service offerings.

How was this done?

HTML5 Creative

The game is built using lightweight CSS animations, motion paths and leverages the tool's built-in responsive layout manager


Audience Data

Access to Google, DoubleClick and GA360 Data provides marketers with ways on how to find the right users, what they are interested in, and their passions


Dynamic Tools

Doubleclick Studio's dynamic offering automatically chooses which creative variation to serve, matching up audience signals with appropriate creative content


Campaign Management

Ad serving at scale is made easy with Doubleclick Campaign Manager, plugging directly from Doubleclick Studio to host the responsive custom creative



Doubleclick Bid Manager accomodates real time targeting to ensure that each creative variation is served to the right person at the right time



The Doubleclick suite of products helps track Rich Media creative interactions, serving behaviour, user analytics and game performance.
Fun fact: 'Technophiles' and 'Gamers' have the longest engagement rates!