Assaf Eisenman

I am a PhD student in the Platform Lab at Stanford University, advised by Prof. Sachin Katti. My research interests are primarily in cloud computing and storage systems. I conducted multiple research projects at Facebook, as well as in Hewlett-Packard Labs, and was previously a performance architect at Intel.
I obtained my MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and my BSc in Computer Engineering Cum Laude from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Email: assafe (at) cs (dot) stanford (dot) edu


Bandana: Using non-volatile memory for storing deep learning models
Assaf Eisenman, Maxim Naumov, Darryl Gardner, Misha Smelyanskiy, Sergey Pupyrev, Kim Hazelwood, Asaf Cidon, Sachin Katti
Accepted to SysML 2019 

Flashield: a Hybrid Key-value Cache that Controls Flash Write Amplification
Assaf Eisenman, Asaf Cidon, Evgenya Pergament, Or Haimovich, Ryan Stutsman, Mohammad Alizadeh, Sachin Katti
Accepted to NSDI 2019

Reducing DRAM Footprint with NVM in Facebook
Assaf Eisenman, Darryl Gardner, Islam AbdelRahman, Jens Axboe, Siying Dong, Kim Hazelwood, Chris Petersen, Asaf Cidon, Sachin Katti
In EuroSys 2018 (Best Poster Award)

Parallel Graph Processing on Modern Multi-core Servers: New Findings and Remaining Challenges
Assaf Eisenman, Lucy Cherkasova, Guilherme Magalhaes, Qiong Cai, Sachin Katti
In MASCOTS 2016 (Best Paper Runner-up Award)

Cliffhanger: Scaling Performance Cliffs in Web Memory Caches.
Asaf Cidon, Assaf Eisenman, Mohammad Alizadeh, Sachin Katti
In NSDI 2016

Parallel graph processing: Prejudice and state of the art
Assaf Eisenman, Ludmila Cherkasova, Guilherme Magalhaes, Qiong Cai, Paolo Faraboschi, Sachin Katti
In ICPE 2016

Dynacache: Dynamic Cloud Caching
Asaf Cidon, Assaf Eisenman, Mohammad Alizadeh, Sachin Katti
In HotCloud 2015