Advantages of Single Speed Mountain Bikes

There are two types of bikes (divided into factions) on the market today. There are geared bikes and single speed bikes. Each type have pros and cons. Choosing a bike based on personal preferences and needs is key to getting the best suited for you. While geared bikes may be appealing to many, single speed bikes are still many people's favorites.


Some Reasons for Choosing a Single Speed MTB


1. Single speed bikes are affordable

The fact that single speed bikes do not use a geared mechanism makes them more affordable/cheaper. If looking to buy a bike but on a tight budget, a single speed bike may be your best option.

Be sure to road test the bike first before making the purchase. You can save up some more money for a geared one if it doesn’t meet your preferences.


2. Nostalgia

If you've ever had a bicycle as a kid, you know they are fun to ride. You can therefore invest in a single speeder just to bring back childhood memories.

3. Easier to ride

Just like an automatic car, single speeders are relatively more comfortable to ride as compared to geared bikes. You only need to pedal faster to pick up speed – no need to switch gears.


4. Lighter

Single speed bikes have fewer mechanical parts, hence much lighter than geared ones. This however doesn’t mean it will be faster than a geared one. The fact that the bike is lighter means it is easier to transport.


5. Fun to use

Most single speed bikes come with a freewheel, a feature that makes that makes it easy to pedal as well as coast. You therefore get to enjoy the beautiful scenery while coasting with cool wind on your face. These bikes also make perfect workout companions.


6. Durability

Single speed bikes have very few mechanical parts. For this reason, they are easier to maintain and last a lot longer than the fancier geared bikes.


If looking for a fun and beneficial biking experience, choosing one of the best single speed mountain bikes could be the way to go.

Although single-speed bikes may not be the most practical, they are great for exercise and recreation. It would however be advisable to go for one with freewheel.

Freewheel makes it possible to enjoy cycling, as well as coast on flat and sloping terrains. Non-freewheel bikes, however, require you to keep pedaling even when you don’t need to.