How You Can Help: Information for Friends and Family

The length of treatment for childhood cancers can range from several months to several years. It is a very long process, and can be emotionally, physically and financially challenging. Family and friends sometimes just don't know what to say or do for a family with a child receiving treatment. At the same time, parents of cancer kids often find it hard to talk frankly to family and friends. It's an ordeal that is terribly difficult to understand unless you've walked in their shoes.

The following is a collection of suggestions on ways to help the family.* These have been pulled from cancer families nationwide. We have included this on our website in the hope that it will help provide direction to the friends and family who want so desperately to help their loved ones during this difficult time.

Thoughts on things to do for cancer families:

Messages from cancer families (What they want to say to you but probably won't)

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*Borrowed, in part, from the Ped-Onc Resource Center