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There are many reasons why parents continue to trust us and our Music Lessons at Deluca Music Academy for their kids. We have a team of experienced and committed music tutors who are ready to work with each student to ensure that they become the best version of themselves. However, we also take things up a notch by remaining dedicated to our founding values.When you come into our music academy, whether in search of the best Piano Lessons or Guitar Lessons for yourself or your kids, rest assured that we are ready to bring out your inner creativity and channel it into musical excellence.Parents who come to us do so because we have a proven track record since 1959. We also go above and beyond to make sure that all of their needs are met, that is, we offer a wider range of musical training sessions on instruments like Trumpet, trombone, cello, ukulele, saxophone, clarinet, piano, guitar, bass, drums, flute, and others.We are also experienced in voice and singing training, helping students find their voice and taking them from beginner to the pro stages.Parents of students at our academy are also treated to a parent’s lounge in our 2700 square feet spacious facility, allowing them to admire the beauty of music and the expertise of their children. We make sure that the parent lounge is stocked with everything necessary to make sure that you remain comfortable.Parents can rest easy knowing that they can visit us from all areas including Maple Glen, Abington, Southampton, willow grove, Huntingdon Valley, Warminster, Horsham, Hatboro, and surrounding areas.



Piano Lessons



There are many reasons why at Deluca Music Academy, we stand out as the best in terms of Music Lessons and all other aspects of music.We have dedicated years to ensuring that all students that pass through our academy are equipped with all of the skills needed to become professionals in their chosen area(s) of interest.Some of the top reasons why we have remained the top music academy in our community include;We are a team of experienced music tutors. We are committed to helping students refine their skills, interest, and taste. To this extent, we have expanded our Music Lessons to offer voice and singing training, Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons as well as lessons on other musical instruments like cello, violin, bass, ukulele, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, clarinet, flute, drums, and others.Our music academy boasts of over 21 music instructors. All of our instructors are with either college training and/or professional performance experience. We make sure that only tested and trusted experts deliver training to all students while also focusing on the student’s personal musical growth.We have expanded our music services to cover a wider area including Hatboro, Horsham, Warminster, Warrington, Willow Grove, Southampton, Maple Glen, Abington, Huntingdon Valley, and surrounding areas.We are open every day of the week to address your musical needs. we are open from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm Mondays to Fridays, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday, and 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sunday. 




Guitar Lessons



We understand that sometimes, parents are interested in knowing how far their kids have come into the musical world. We offer a comfortable waiting area for parents in our 2700 square feet facility.We have fully stocked music lesson rooms in all of the areas that we serve.  At Deluca Music Academy, we are committed to improving student’s experience and we have as such introduced our online Music Lessons. Our online Music Lessons cover a wide range of musical instruments including Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, voice training, singing lessons and lessons in the bass, saxophone, Ukulele, Violin, Cello, Clarinet, and other musical instruments.To ensure that all of our students get the best attention, we have introduced age ranges for each of our online training classes.Parents who wish to develop their child’s musical prowess can choose from the wide range of online Music Lessons we offer including;Our Guitar Lessons have been designed for students aged 7 and up. Our classes are available for residents of Hatboro, Horsham, Warminster, Warrington, Willow Grove, Southampton, Maple Glen, Abington, Huntingdon Valley, and surrounding areas.


Our teachers are familiar with all areas of guitar including rock, blues, metal, classical guitar, and country. We make sure that students are conversant and familiar with both the electric and acoustic guitars. We work with all levels of students from beginners to intermediate and experts who wish to bump their skills up a notch. We are familiar with the right training sections that will help them improve their skills in the shortest possible time frame.We also have a team that is concentrated on teaching piano in a variety of styles. We can teach you or your child all there is to know from classical to popular music and to jazz piano. Rest assured that our tutors are familiar with the right progression that will turn you or your kid to a pianist in no time.We also offer other lessons including drum lessons in a wide teaching area with 2 full drum sets allowing the teacher and student the needed time and space to practice what is being taught.


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