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Lifelike Tooth Replacement Options To Enhance Your Smile

Tooth Loss Truth and Statistics

Partial tooth reduction impacts the majority of adults residing inside the United States. (Resource:
Approximately 23 million U.S. adults are residing without the benefit of almost any teeth. (Resource:
Though anticipated to rise, the amount of U.S. adults overlooking one or more teeth tops out at an astonishing 178 million.
Changing Lives With Successful Tooth Replacement

Losing teeth may leave you feeling ashamed, nervous when communicating with others and less-than-confident on your smile. Add to those psychological concerns difficulty with chewing and other dental complications, and tooth reduction becomes a major barrier in your daily life. Dr. Richard Featherstone can radically improve your position with beautiful, functional, lifelike tooth replacement solutions, whether you have lost one tooth or are fully without teeth.

Life like Options Rival All-natural Teeth

It's always our obligation to save teeth. But when circumstances fall beyond our control, Dr. Featherstone supplies lots of options for comfortable, powerful tooth replacement.

Cosmetic Dentistry : Implants substitute teeth in their entirety, providing life tooth replacement. Implant posts incorporate with the bone, mimic the normal look, feel and function of teeth, and are great for anyone with decent bone. Ideal for patients facing tooth reduction or visiting dental implants, Teeth-in-1Day™ gives same-day extractions, implant placement and denture delivery to get a quick, functional, gorgeous smile.
Implant Supported Dentures: For all people that have extensive tooth loss, we offer the present standard of care for transition to dentures: A superbly cosmetic upper complete denture using the base denture stabilized by 2 implants. Our cutting-edge dentistry uses implants to augment retention of dentures for a completely stable biting purpose and positive smile.
Dentures: A gorgeous complement to your smile, traditional dentures replace several missing teeth using the appearance of natural gums and teeth. Removable dentures are best for replacing teeth while waiting to start dental implant placement, or as a low-cost alternative until implants become an attainable option.

Custom-Tailored Replacement Teeth, From Fixed to Removable Solutions

Your precise requirements and smile goals ascertain the services that you receive from Dr. Featherstone. From convenient removable denture options you take out daily for sleeping and cleaning, to the safety and stability of breast augmentation options, you can get the teeth replacement solution ideal for you with flexible therapy options from our extensive practice. Please be aware there is never a need to be concerned about the process or let anxiety and anxiety prevent you from getting the care you need, as sedation dentistry choices are also offered.

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