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Your oral health is important to your overall health. That is why here at Dentists of Ivanhoe Central, we take proactive steps to make sure that you get the very best of your oral health.Our clinic has been open for years and our Dentist has addressed the dental care and treatment needs of many members of our community. We go above and beyond to make sure that all of the members of our community spot the best smiles at all times.When you come into our dental clinic with complaints that relate to the appearance of your teeth, rest assured that our Cosmetic Dentist will be more than happy to help you.We take pride in being able to offer an array of treatment and care solutions to our patients and that is why we offer a comprehensive array of cosmetic dental solutions including;Our Invisalign aligner solution is designed to help patients who come into our clinic with orthodontic complaints. We offer Invisalign aligners as a correctional tool for common orthodontic problems like crooked teeth, underbites and overbites, malocclusions, and other common orthodontic problems. rest assured that the aligners, unlike the traditional braces are removable and exposes your gum to less harsh treatment.




Cosmetic Dentist


Your teeth are important and that is why when you begin to notice pain and discomfort in the mouth, head, and/or the neck, you should seek the advice and attention of a Dentist.Here at Dentists of Ivanhoe Central, we take pride in having all of the Dentists that you can need, from the very best Cosmetic Dentist to a team of an ever-available Emergency Dentist who are always ready to work with you to address your oral health needs and concerns.We operate from a serene, calm, and relaxing environment and we guarantee that when you come into our clinic, you will be offered the very best oral health and treatment attention.We go above and beyond to make sure that you regain relief from pain and distress by swinging into action, focusing on diagnosing the problem, and addressing them heads on.As part of the dental conditions that we offer here at our clinic, we are known for attending to and addressing common dental problems like crooked teeth and wisdom teeth which is capable of causing pain due to the impacted nature of the teeth. We also address other problems like gum diseases. We understand that gum diseases affect not only the gum but the entire mouth and that the pain can easily spread across the head and neck. Come into our clinic to get the very best treatment and care.We also guarantee that as part of the services we offer, you will get the very best attention towards addressing missing teeth problems, toothaches caused by a variety of conditions, tooth decay and cavities treatment, and more.Rest assured that here at our dental clinic, we offer general Dentistry procedures like teeth cleaning, dental sealants, and more; cosmetic dental procedures like implants, veneers, teeth whitening, and more; restorative dental services, preventive dental services and more.



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Your teeth deserve the best care and attention at all times. However, in some cases, whether due to oral diseases, physical trauma, age, or other factors, you may find that you have lost one or more teeth.Losing one or more teeth, however, comes with its own set of problems as you may be unable to chew properly. Added to this, the loss of the tooth or teeth may also affect the way you speak and your appearance.With one or more missing teeth, you may soon find that you have become more self-conscious and that your smile isn’t as beautiful as it used to be.To address all of these, our Dentist here at Dentists of Ivanhoe Central offers a comprehensive restorative Dentistry service that guarantees you access to some of the leading dental procedures that will restore the missing teeth.Our restorative dental team works hand-in-hand with our Cosmetic Dentist to ensure that the final product is one that makes your smile look the best. As part of the restorative dental procedures that we offer, we guarantee you access to;We offer dental implant solutions. Dental implants are one of the leading restorative dental technologies in the field and offer you a permanent tooth replacement. The implant can last for years and you do not need to pay any special attention or care to it other than the usual oral hygiene routine. With dental implants, you can enjoy tooth replacement that looks exactly like the other teeth in your mouth.We offer tooth fillings to patients whose teeth have become compromised by decays or diseases. The teeth are filled with a dental material that gives it strength and allows it to function as naturally as possible.


Your teeth are important to how you are seen, how you chew, speak, and also your digestive ability, to mention a few.Here at Dentists of Ivanhoe Central, we understand the importance of the teeth and that is why we make sure that all of the members of our community are offered the very best treatment and care solutions that are geared towards ensuring that they maintain the highest possible oral health status.When you come into our dental clinic, we guarantee that you will have access to the very best Dentist that is ready to address all of your needs. we take pride in helping our patients to maintain their natural teeth and we achieve this by offering them a comprehensive oral examination that allows us to identify oral problems fast and address them even faster.Some of the preventative dental care and treatment services we offer here at our clinic include;Your gum is as important as your teeth. This is because the gum is like the soil in which the teeth are planted. Any problem with the gum will surely cause pain and discomfort to you while also affecting the teeth in its surrounding areas.Here at our clinic, we aim to ensure that you do not suffer extensive damage to the gum or teeth by offering periodontal treatment aimed at addressing inflammations, infections, and other problems that affect the gum and compromise your oral health.



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