Five quick questions and answers you should know before taking Tadalafil

1.Can I take tadalafil daily?
Tadalafil (Cialis) is one of the most popular erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs. Its major appeal? The drug comes in low-dose versions that can be taken daily. This means you can have sex at any time, rather than needing to take a pill from time to time as needed like other ED brands.

2.Does Tadalafil make you bigger?
Horny Goat Weed, for example, can increase sensation, while daily use of Cialis triggers more baseline blood flow, making erections easier and the penis look bigger— matter if it's hard or soft.

3.Does Tadalafil make you last longer?
Which medications last the longest? – Cialis (tadalafil). Although, Viagra is the most commonly known erectile dysfunction medication, Cialis has the longest lasting effects. Cialis also involves less planning but the side effects can also last longer too.

4.What is the best time to take tadalafil?
You should take one tablet at least half an hour before you plan to have sex (it may still be effective up to 36 hours after taking the tablet). Do not take more than one dose in 24 hours.

5.How safe is tadalafil?
Tadalafil was safe and well tolerated. Headache (15.8%), dyspepsia (11.8%), nasopharyngitis (11.4%), and back pain (8.2%) were the most common treatment-emergent adverse events. The rate of discontinuations due to adverse events for this 18-24-month study was 6.3% and the rate for any individual event was <1%.

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