The negative effects of marijuana on health

Nothing in life is perfect. As with all good things, consuming marijuana comes with a cost. As a responsible consumer, you decide for yourself whether the benefits are worth the harm. Fortunately, many of the negative effects of cannabis can be kept to a minimum because it is influenced by how it is taken. So, let's list the side effects that can occur when smoking marijuana, and then list some tips on how to avoid them.

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Many of us have lived through this - panic attacks and strong anxieties happen when we smoke too much. However, the fear disappears relatively quickly if we give up the joints for a while.

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Let's not forget: THC is psychoactive! It can make us feel as if we are not living in reality, or that we are seeing ourselves from a distance. This feeling can be very uncomfortable for some and cause paranoia. For others, it is the quintessence of smoking marijuana. The truth is that this experience is completely different for everyone. If taking the herb doesn't make us feel better, then don't use it.


Within three hours of smoking marijuana, heart rate may increase in some users, which can lead to a heart attack. This organ is most exposed to the herb within the first hour of inflammation. However, do not panic - the increased heart rate is similar to that of exercise, sex or climbing stairs. For comparison - the probability of a heart attack while using cocaine is 25 times higher than the average.