epubs for music publishers

PerformingEditions leads the way in creating epubs for music publishers. In partnership with our friends at Peters Edition, we have converted text versions of Aural Test Survival Books Grades 5, 7 & 8, and have most recently converted Pop Music - The Textbook for epub.

Epubs have enormous potential for music publishing. The epub format can incorporate text, audio, video, hyperlinks and music notation to present a complete integral package for interactive use. Rather than having accompanying CDs or sheet music, everything is in one place and accessed instantly through simply tapping.

Our epub of Pop Music - The Textbook was the first to link mentioned songs with a Spotify playlist, where the reader can tap to hear the song in the context of the text. Our work on the Aural Test Survival Books incorporates text, notation and audio to lead the reader effortlessly through volumes which are all about sound and music. For the first time, epubs allow complete integration of these materials.

Many publishers, both text- and music-based, use software to automatically convert publications into epubs. The results are rarely fit for professional output. Faults include downsized images which are highly pixellated, text formatting and spacing which is loose and approximate, bloated code, and submission failure at the validation stage.

In contrast, we hand-code each publication, writing XHTML, CSS and Java code to optimise text, image and sound. Our results speak for themselves.

Our process begins with the receipt of a publication in .doc, .pdf, InDesign or .pages format. We style the content, prepare images, audio and all other materials required, and create an .epub file. We then test, optimise and submit the epub on our partner's behalf to the Apple Store, with whom we are registered Developers. The epub will be available for purchase worldwide within days.

We are eager to create new partnerships with music publishers and welcome your inquiries. To watch a short video presentation, click here.

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