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Book the best green cleaning service Miami has to offer.

Think of your average, mundane cleaning company. Now throw everything about that sort of a company out of your nearest window and you start to get an idea of how we operate. 


The simplest way to book a professional cleaning service.

  • On-demand professional cleaning services in Miami, FL - We strive to excel and exceed the services offered by a typical maid service company. We offer the promise of a cleaned home, without the need to stalk and hunt for quotes on line, over the phone, or through on-site visitations. If you need your home cleaned, all you need to do with our company is to select the flat rate service that best suits your particular residence, decide on a time and date for the job, and then leave everything else to our trained staff. Our professionals will handle every aspect of the job you want and with the very best service possible.

  • We are insured and bonded for all cleaning tasks.  - We deploy our maid service in teams of two that always arrive on time. We also like to think green, so all of our cleaning equipment can leave as big of an impact on your home just as little as it leaves on the environment.
  • Easy & Safe online booking - All of the scheduling and payment for our cleaning jobs is securely managed through our website, which utilizes 256-bit SSL protections; the same security level that banks use to protect your identity and your credit card information. We differ from the average Miami cleaning company in that we provide a leading degree of convenience, organic cleansers, and Fair Labor Service that can be quickly deployed and at your service with a painless online process.

Move in & Move Out Cleanings - If you are changing a place out for a new tenant, or cleaning things up for the purposes of attracting one, consider hiring us to perform one of our "move out" cleanings. These are deep cleaning procedures that covers the cleaning of cabinets, drawers, fixtures, the interior of the fridge, all of your baseboards; if you name it, it's going to be taken care of.

How Does This Work?

All you need to do is dedicate roughly a minute of your time toward the booking of an appointment.  One of our team members should get in touch with you to confirm your appointment no more than 60 minutes from when you place it, provided that time is during our normal hours of operation.

How Long Does A Cleaning Take?

A bedroom routinely takes around 45 minutes of time, but every job can have its own variables. We clean until the job is properly done and within reason. Certain conditions, such as a huge residence or a hoarder, will have an affect on the time and price required for the job.

Do I Need to be Present for the Cleaning?

Not at all. Just leave us a key to get into the place and we will take care of everything else. Simply let us know how and where to gain your key and our trained staff will perform its duties as per the job you've chosen us to perform. 

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We are currently servicing the Miami Metro area with a special focus on the Downtown-Brickell, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, South of Fifth South Beach and the Coral Gables area

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