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At Driven Web Services, we offer in-depth, tried, and trusted SEO strategies that push businesses to the top of the ladder, helping them to get seen and also pushing their brands to generate better revenue.We are a team of SEO experts that understand that no two businesses are the same and this is why we offer a customized and personalized solution to each client that comes to us.When you choose to work with us as your SEO company, we go above and beyond to ensure that your online assets are SEO compliant. To make this happen, we focus on both the on-site factors and the off-site factors.Our SEO services are one that goes deeper into understanding how on-site factors like mobile-friendly designs, titles, headings, and descriptions are optimized and targeting the right set of keywords that push your business to the front of the target audience using the search engines.Added to this, we also focus on optimizing your Name, address, and phone number such that when clients finally make the decision to patronize you, they can easily reach out and connect with you with no hassles.



We focus also on areas like proper URL structuring to make sure that your business gets found and that links on your websites are properly indexed. Our focus area also involved optimizing your website speed and making use of high-quality keyword-relevant content to reel your customers in.Our team also focuses on other factors that are off-site but also play a major role in how your business is seen and perceived by the target audience. Rest assured that we focus on building high authority foundational links, an active social media presence that allows you to communicate and get feedback from target audience, high-quality citation links, as well as videos and images that have been optimized to capture the attention of your consumers.


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At Driven Web Services, we are an SEO Company that focuses on helping you to reach your goals. We achieve this by presenting you with proven, custom, tried, and trusted SEO services that push you and your business to the zenith of your industry.Our approach to SEO services is one that leaves you happier with the success that your business is making. Rest easy that as your SEO company, we have all that it takes to ensure that you rank higher among competitors, both in your local environment and internationally.Our SEO services have been structured to take into account your on-site and off-site assets, those that are essential towards achieving the desired goals.As part of our approach to optimizing your on-site web assets, we focus on areas like title tag optimization, meta descriptions, content analysis to better target your audience who are in need of authority content and more.We also focus on optimizing the heading tags, as well as selecting the right keywords and inserting those keywords in the right areas so that your business gets ranked higher for those keywords.Added to this, we address your schema markup, optimize your image alt tags, URL Structuring, Geo-Location and Name, Address, and Phone number. We also focus on getting you found on the map to boost your local sales and appearance.We also focus on off-site SEO services including; Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) audit, 50+ foundational links that all sites should have,Google My Business (GMB) Bing Place, and Apple Maps submission,Setup of Google and Bing Webmaster tools and search console,Rich media creations including photos and video optimizations,Press releases,Citation building,And authority inbound links.




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When it comes to ranking your business website higher, there are a lot of factors that can make or mar your decision. one of the most important factors to consider is the choice of the SEO expert to work with.At Driven Web Services, we take pride in being the perfect SEO company for businesses, brands, and individuals who wish to scale up their business and make higher revenue from their marketing efforts. We know that earning high traffic to your website without corresponding data in sales is a waste of marketing efforts and this is why we offer proven SEO Services that push you to the top of your industry, get you seen, and also turns visitors into paying customers.Rest easy knowing that our process is one that has been reviewed over the years to make sure that no stone is left unturned. We make sure that you are presented with a service that is worth more than every penny that you have invested in your marketing efforts with us.



Our SEO team, as part of the comprehensive SEO services offered focus on areas including; Keyword review – we make sure that you are not only using the right keywords to get your business found but we also make sure that you are using it correctly for high impact results.Content review – we understand that consumers lean towards authority contents and this is why we review the content on your website to make sure that it meets the current standards of SEO best practices.We also focus on other areas including the page title and meta description, analysis of heading tags, optimization of URL structure and SILO Review, broken links check, internal linking audits, speed, crawl, and site code error analysis, and others.Rest assured that we leave no stone unturned in our aim to help you reach the height that you aim to reach.



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