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AC Servo Motors

AC servo motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy in order to control motion within a system. Servo motors use alternating current (AC) and a closed-loop feedback system. Although they are compact, they are powerful and can provide output that’s comparable to larger size motors.

Brushless DC Motors

Brushless motors, or BLDC motors, lack of a brush. Compared to conventional brushed DC motors, they operate with less sparking, reduced noise, smoother performance, and extended operational life. Frameless BLDC motors, in particular, are favorable for many industrial applications.

Replacement Electric Motor Manufacturer

An electric motor manufacturer specializes in the design and production of motors and other motion control devices. These may include generators, stator and rotor kits, windings, etc. Electric motor manufacturers may focus on producing large quantities of off-the-shelf, standardized products or may design and build custom motors for individual OEMs and prototyping purposes.

Induction Motors

Induction motors, or asynchronous motors, produce torque when alternating current (AC) is fed to the rotor. Electromagnetic induction is then produced from the winding’s magnetic field. Three-phase induction motors and single-phase induction motors are among the most common types.

High Torque Low RPM Motors

High torque low RPM motors will generate a lot of power and move heavy objects at lower speeds, contributing to smooth and safe control of motion. These motors are used in electronic systems that control the position of heavy doors, gates, lifts, platforms, and other objects or machinery.

Winding Assemblies

Winding assemblies refer to coils or laminations of wire that are wrapped around a magnetic core. They create magnetic poles that convert energy for purposes of power generation or mechanical control. The materials of the winding assembly and their configuration will affect a motor’s performance.