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What Are Replacement Electric Motors?

Replacement electric motors specifically refer to motors that are needed for quick repairs and maintenance of critical systems. They are usually large, industrial motors and include those used in freight elevator doors, automated lifts, and other heavy equipment. Since these motors are usually only sold to OEMs, directly from the manufacturing source, getting single replacement units can be a considerable challenge.

Replacement electric motors are sometimes kept as part of regular, ready-to-ship stock by smaller motor manufacturers and suppliers. This is done to meet the needs of maintenance and repair professionals who require single units in a timely manner. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Replacement Electric Motor?

There are some unique benefits to replacing an older electric motor, especially when the replacement unit is better suited to the application. A properly built and installed motor will offer efficient performance and longer operational life. 

In some cases, motors that are originally installed into equipment by the OEM may not be optimal for long term performance in a specific setting. Instead of replacing the equipment in full, a replacement electric motor that’s made to higher performance and integrity standards can be a more cost-effective solution. 

Replacing just the motor in a system that is integral to its infrastructure, such as a freight elevator or industrial lift, can also save maintenance time and provide more reliable operation. 

Replacement electric motors that are sourced from a smaller manufacturer can be more readily maintained as part of a maintenance stock. This means that repairs can be completed quickly without any delay for shipments.  

Purchasing A Replacement Motor

Replacement electric motors for standard equipment, hobbies, and small projects can usually be purchased as commercial, off-the-shelf products from major suppliers and distributors. 

When a replacement motor is needed for an urgent replacement in industrial equipment, it can be difficult to get one from the original manufacturer, especially if the motor is installed by an OEM. Such motors are often only sold in large quantities and not directly to individuals when needed for maintenance and repair. 

Replacement electric motors for specialty applications can be purchased from smaller manufacturers and authorized electric motor suppliers. These types of providers will be better equipped to sell single units or small quantities of motors needed for repair, replacement, and maintenance purposes.

If upgrades and modifications are also required in a replacement motor, then it will be beneficial to consult with an independent motor manufacturer. Electric motor manufacturers can also work from an existing design to create a new motor that is custom suited to an application.    

How Do I Improve A Motor For An Equipment Upgrade?

When replacing an old motor with a more advanced unit, the guidance of an independent motor manufacturer or engineering team can help. There are companies that are dedicated to creating prototypes and improving on existing motor designs.

These sources will often provide design consultation and motor building services to create electric motors, which are functional replacements to more standard products and also contribute to upgraded performance.

This can be a practical solution to improving and maintaining equipment without a full replacement. By modifying and improving the motion control device within a system, it’s possible to enhance performance and extend the life of various machinery, and often for less cost. 

Depending on their capabilities, smaller electric motor manufacturing companies will be able to advise on upgrades and cost-effective replacements for mass-produced motors with very limited lifespans.