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We're Electronic Recycling. We're a limited company and a registered upper tier waste carrier. We work with both individuals and businesses to recycle their obsolete or broken unwanted electronic equipment, we debrand it, securely delete all personal data, then recycle it.

Our aim

Electronic Recycling Ltd is your go to for all your redundant, faulty and unwanted electrical goods

What we deal with

We recycle all electronics regardless of age, any faults or damage. TV's (even smashed), PC computers and Laptops to mobile phones, printers and photocopiers


Charity is very important to us. If you know or represent a charity which you feel we could help, please get in touch


Our Services

What can we offer you?

Let us responsibly dispose of your electronic waste, we can accept all electronic goods. Laptops, Screens, Monitors, Computers, Telephone Systems, Mobiles, Photocopiers, Server Room Clearouts and More! We Collect and Recycle your old TV's (Even Smashed!), Computers, Laptops, Phones All for Free. Any Data Destroyed or Returned to You, You Choose! Don't risk your data, let us securely wipe, debrand and recycle your old electronics.

Secure Business Data Erasing

We offer secure hard disk erasing to ensure your legal requirements. We can erase all trace of personal and data sensitive information from PC’s, mobile phones and portable storage media. Giving you a total peace of mind.

TV Recycling

We provide a full recycling service for your old and faulty TV's and Monitors, even if they're faulty or smashed.

Secure Home Data Erasing or Recovery

We give you a choice, we can either destroy your data forever, or help you recover any photographs and data

Everything Else

We can provide assistance for all electronics, from microwaves to car radios, just give us a call!

Our approach

Reuse vs. Disposal

Our approach is to reuse wherever possible, disposing of goods is at the bottom of our agenda.

What are the Electronic Recycling customers saying about them?

We love to showcase what our customers think of us, as we always try to deliver the best customer experience! See some of customers thoughts below.

Electronic Recyling have helped us with our server room clearout!

Jason - IT Manager

When we needed to dispose of a pile of old computers and screens, we knew exactly who to call

Vag - Business Owner

What is WEEE?

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) was introduced in January 2007 to enforce the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Regulations 2006.

The WEEE Directive aims to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment being disregarded and to encourage everyone to reuse, recycle or recover it.

Peace of Mind

Electronic Recycling's drivers are fully security cleared and tracked giving you peace of mind at all times. All data is returned or securely wiped. You can trust us.

Our commitment

We provide comprehensive and expert services to divert electronic waste away from landfill.

Contact Electronic Recycling

We're always happy to help so please get in touch if you'd like to know more. You can call us on 01905 887056 or by email at