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Everyone wants to be a center of attraction when they hit the road. Therefore, people tend to buy luxurious cars with a unique design. Not every person can afford a luxurious car, but they can surely enhance the beauty of their car. We at EQUIPT Graphic Solution take the responsibility of enhancing the look of your personal car by adding unique Car Wraps. Our company will make sure that the next time you hit the road, you are the center of attraction. It doesn’t matter to us whether you have a luxurious car or a simple car; we will add value to your car.  We have designed our assessment process in a way to understand your interest and passion. Our aim is to bring out the best design for your car based on your interests. So, whether you love football, music, or any other genre, we are here to satisfy your requirements. Our experienced and well-trained designers will make sure that unique design is portrayed in your car. We tend to focus on minute details that can add to the beauty of your car. The Car Wraps are made up of high-quality materials, using vibrant colors and attractive patterns. The design will be well-thought and well-processed to match your personality.

We understand that personal car graphic design should be minimal to be more attractive. It should look like a marketing model of a company. Therefore we design single patterns or a combination of two patterns to get the best look in minimum space. Our high-quality design will not rip off even if you go off the road. Just make sure to wipe out the dust to maintain the shine of your car. So, if you want to enhance the look of your car before you hit the road next time, contact us at (407) 349-3999, or visit our website  



Vehicle Wraps



Marketing schemes can be expensive, depending upon the target audience. Although other marketing models won’t entice the audience much, we at EQUIPT Graphic Solutions will make sure that the customers are hooked to the design element we create. Our partial Wraps will enhance the look of your vehicle and will do its job of attracting the audience. We believe in quality, not quantity. Thus, the designing of the partial wrap will maintain the same quality as other Vehicle Wraps. Our highly-skilled designers will make sure that the wrap involves all the necessary aspects of your company with an intriguing design. We aim to satisfy the requirements and needs of your company and wish to be a small part of your success. Our team will assess the goals of your company to come out with an appropriate design. We understand the limitation of space in a partial wrap. Therefore we always create a unique and captivating design within the space to target the audience. The brand name becomes crucial in a partial wrap, and we make sure that the brand name shines in the design. It has to be the center of attraction, and that’s what we do. Our reasonable rates and high quality makes us one of the best vehicle graphic designers at Sanford. 



Auto Wraps


Partial Wraps involve one-fourth to three-fourth portion of the vehicle. Thus, we make sure the Auto wrap covers the crucial parts of the vehicle, which will easily be visible to the people on the road. The patterns are shaped in an appropriate design, making them more attractive to the audience. We will make sure that the theme of the design matches the company goals and portrays the exact message, the company deals with. So, if you don’t want to spend much on vehicle graphics, you can contact us at (407) 349 3999 or visit for our partial Wraps. If you are struggling to impress people with your workplace ambiance, EQUIPT Graphic Solutions can overturn the scenario. We are a team of experienced and highly-trained professionals with a passion for designing. Our customer reviews and references have made us one of the best graphic designers in Sanford. Although we are known for designing Vehicle Wraps, we have a long list of satisfied customers for architectural graphics. That’s what we aim for, satisfying customers with their requirements and needs. Our designs are unique and will remain so for every customer. The passion for being the best makes us work hard and create something new every time we design.

We understand the importance of creating a good impression of the ambiance of your workplace. People tend to notice the designs and infrastructure of a place, which creates the first impression in their minds. If the architectural graphics are appealing and portray the goals of the place, it will attract the customer. You might have seen motivational quotes in a gym, and it’s the strategy to attract more people to the gym. Similarly, we will also help you to engage customers with an appropriate graphic design at your workplace. Our assessment process will make sure that your company’s goals are clear to us, which will help us to design captivating graphics. Similar to our Auto Wraps, architectural graphics are precisely designed, giving importance to minute details. We will survey your workplace to decide the best position for graphics. The wall, table, or boards should be visible to the customers, and the position should be appropriate to clearly indicate the message. We use vibrant colors to entice the customers and improve your presence in the market. If you want to captivate the attention of your customer with architectural design, contact us at (407) 349 3999 or visit


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