Business idea 2021. A loooong list of inspirations

A business idea doesn't have to be the most sophisticated, craziest thing you can think of. It can also be something simple that you will just do a little better than others. And over time, even a simple idea can grow large.

In the interview, the student told me that she would like to start something of her own, but she has no idea and money. I decided to put together a list of business ideas that almost anyone can run. They all have the same advantages:

practically do not require capital to start,
are based on skills that many people have (maybe you too?),
are real - in each case, I know at least one person who runs such a business,
you can start them after hours as an addition to work or studies.

The latter feature is crucial. If you have never run a business before, I strongly urge you not to start by quitting your current job. Such stories are selling well at presentations of various pseudo-quivers from entrepreneurship: "I quit my job, made three videos on YouTube and I'm already making millions."

Making earrings, brooches and pendants from simple, accessible materials is an idea that never ends. You can see how much of it is selling on Etsy, Allegro, Pakamer, and finally at the stalls in every tourist spot.

It is worth remembering that the competition is fierce and therefore it will be difficult to do big business overnight. Sales channels are the key to success. At the beginning, it makes the most sense to start with your friends, because they are your natural audience. However, if there is a rumor among them that you do cool things, over time it can become a serious source of additional income for you. And I know a case of a girl in whom the hobby of making earrings for friends within a few years turned into her main source of income.

Auto detailing
Not everyone knows how to "make" a car nicely. And certainly not everyone has time for it. For example, I do not have the patience and manual skills for this. And every, even old car, gets a new life after thorough cleaning and precise application of a ceramic coating. If you add a washing vacuum cleaner for cleaning upholstery, you have a ready-made package of services.

Does anyone need this? I do not know. But I know that when I tried to order such a cleaning recently, the next available date in Bałuty was in three weeks 😉

Such auto detailing is very well photographed and sells well on social media. If you do a few cars really well, your customers will take care of your advertisement. They will share photos of your beloved cars until it's nice!

Have you tried to find a man or crew for renovation? Good brigades have deadlines for at least a year ahead. That's why it's a great business idea for which you don't even need to do market research. The need just exists all the time.

So if you can put plaster, tiles and put in doors, you don't need much. You only need a few satisfied customers and you will have more from your recommendation.

Wedding and communion photography
People are vain and they love to be photographed 🙂 Often, quite elementary skills are enough for this. You do not believe? Check out the portfolio on the websites of various local photographers. You will not take such photos? Okay, you won't be able to match the best ones right away. However, before plunging into complexes, remember that:

each photographer inserts only the best photos into the portfolio. For every perfect one you find on his page, there are ten others that are completely average. most of your clients aren't artists. It is enough for them if the photo is well lit and the colors are sufficiently saturated 😉 Do you think there is no room for more photographers on the market? Calmly. Think how many people get married - or receive First Communion every spring weekend.

The second life of furniture
If, in addition to your artistic sense, you also have manual skills, this idea may be for you. Some would like to have a piece of furniture "with a soul" as an addition to an Ikea apartment. It is most often an armchair or table from the 1960s brought back to life. If you know how to carry out such renovation (and it is not very complicated), you can sell such furniture.

real estate management for rent - a business idea on a larger scale
Do you rent a studio apartment inherited from your grandmother to someone? While you may not be aware of it, this is a skill that you can sell very well. Such an activity requires a very unique combination of free time and skills. You have to have "out-of-the-box" paths in offices, with media suppliers, and proven "Kazio men for repairs". And also know from practice what premises are in demand on the market and what landlords pay attention to.

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