How to find a good marketing agency and what to pay attention to when choosing one?

Marketing agencies are very popular and frequently used agencies on the market. They offer a very wide and range of promotion - especially online, and help to create marketing strategies or advise on brand promotion. Very often, however, when deciding to use such assistance, we do not know exactly which agency to choose and which will be the best and how to find the most appropriate one. In this text, we suggest how to find a good marketing agency, and what elements to follow when choosing it.

Reputation and opinions
The first element that we should pay special attention to when choosing a good marketing agency is its reputation and opinions about it. Marketing agencies that are very popular will have high ratings and positive feedback. We should verify them in many places and in independent sources to exclude manipulation or artificially inflated assessments. Good and popular marketing agencies will have positive ratings, for example on Google Maps, on industry forums or in social media. They will also be recommended frequently. A certain indicator of a brand's reputation is whether it publishes opinion-forming content on the web, takes part in thematic congresses and whether it is active in the industry. All these elements make the agency not anonymous, and therefore easier to verify. Another interesting solution is to obtain a command via word of mouth. Therefore, before choosing an agency, it is worth asking your friends if they can recommend such a marketing agency. Sometimes, recommending a client who has already used the services of a given agency is very helpful and allows you to establish cooperation with a valuable brand.

Range of services
Another determinant of a brand's quality is the scope of its services. Usually, clients do not choose marketing agencies in this respect and do not pay particular attention to this parameter. The agency's range of services, however, can tell us a lot about the brand and give some information. The largest brands that employ specialists in several fields will offer a very wide range of services. They will include basic services such as consulting and selecting a marketing strategy, stationary activities and internet advertising. Good agencies also offer specific - more specialized advertising strategies, such as inbound marketing, influencer marketing or real-time marketing. The marketing agency is also well demonstrated by having specialists in the field of seo and website development. The more extensive and detailed the scope of services, the greater the probability that the agency has many specialists and provides comprehensive services. Thanks to this, we will be able to comfortably use a wide range of solutions and obtain help on several levels.

Overall brand image
An element that can be recognized as a reliable and professional brand is an impeccable and consistent image. When choosing marketing agencies, we should pay attention to the quality of the website, brand presence in social media, brand activity on social channels, reliable data supplementation, general image creation and professionalism. If some elements do not inspire confidence, it is worth considering choosing such a brand. Red flags will be, for example, an inactive or undescribed brand profile in social media, broken links and contact numbers on business cards or low-quality websites. The brand should also have a clearly described scope of services and a professional approach to customer service, e.g. when inquiring about cooperation.

Execution of orders and portfolio
One of the best tips you can use when choosing a marketing agency is to check the agency's portfolio and experience. This is the element that best illustrates how a given agency works and what orders it has performed so far. Although all the above elements give the agency a certain view, it is definitely worth checking in practice what orders a given brand deals with and for whom it worked. Thanks to the experience of a given brand, we will be able to check whether it actually carries out prestigious campaigns and cooperates with large brands. We will also be able to find out what projects were created by the agencies and what interest it enjoys in the industry. Marketing agencies that have cooperated with reputable clients, e.g. well-known brands, boast about it on their website or display such information in contacts with clients.

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