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When you are looking for a Junk Removal service provider here in Rochester, there is no need to go through the hassles because at EZ Rochester Junk Removal, we handle all of your Junk Removal needs in an instant.We are a Junk Removal Company that has been in business for years and we continue to work on becoming better for you. when you choose us to handle your Garbage Removal needs, below are the guarantees that we offer to you as a customer;We know that your junk problem isn’t one that can stay for another hour or day. So we are always on standby to make sure that all of your needs are appropriately addressed. You can call on us at any time of the day to get started on your Junk Removal needs. Our team is always on standby and ready to work with you.As a locally owned and operated Junk Removal Company, we understand our role in the community and we aim, at all times, to make sure that you don’t have to break the bank to find our services affordable. To ensure maximum affordability, we have shunned the flat-rate service and instead, offer pricing that is based on an appraisal of the junks that you are getting rid of. We also offer written estimates as well as free quotes.




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We relieve you of the stress associated with loading the junk as our team gets to work with loading it while you sit back and relax. we will come in, load the waste, and leave as fast as possible.When you are looking to hire a Junk Removal Company, rest assured that at EZ Rochester Junk Removal, we have the manpower and necessary equipment to get the job done fast.We understand that before you choose a Junk Removal Company to handle your needs, you require proof that the company is up to standard and can handle all of your needs, this is why we are proud to offer you all of the information you need to know about our Garbage Removal services.We have been in the Garbage Removal industry for years and this means that we have attended to all the needs of the members of our community who have reached out to us in search of the best services. you can rest assured that whatever your Garbage Removal needs are, we have the experience necessary to do it right.



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One of the greatest advantages that our customers are exposed to is that we are a company that has expanded on our Garbage Removal service to cover a wide range of Junk Removal needs. we offer no limitation to our customers with regards to the services that we offer. We are equipped with everything needed to help you handle anything you wish to throw away. We are familiar with appliance removal, computer removal, yard waste cleanup, and more. Rest easy knowing that we are up to the task for any of your waste disposal needs.We are a team of experts who have over the years handled several Garbage Removal needs. at EZ Rochester Junk Removal, we guarantee you that all of our workers are well trained and will maintain a professional approach to all of your service needs. We focus on customer satisfaction and you can rest easy knowing that we will handle the loading of the junks into our service vehicles.

We are a locally owned and operated company and we make sure that you are able to feel like a part of our family when you hire us. Instead of offering flat-rate pricing on all of our Junk Removal services, we instead make sure that we offer an on-site appraisal of the junk you have to dispose of, and based on this, we present you with a fair and competitive price.When you hire us, we guarantee that all of your Junk Removal needs will be met. We make sure that common needs like tire removal, computer removal, appliance removal, yard and garden waste removal, and more are attended to.We also offer commercial and residential cleanout services to the members of our community who are moving from one space to another and would like to get rid of the trash and debris left behind.



 Click Here to Call Us:(585) 999-1080


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