Actionable Intelligence for Every Squad

Farsight edge processes UAS video data to provide operators with high-fidelity, near real time 3D modeling meshed with analytics.

Line Of Sight

The Line of Sight tool gives operators the tactical advantage by enhancing situational awareness.

Field Of View

Whether using Line of Sight to avoid detection or understand an adversary's position, Farsight allows users to build creative solutions.

Route Planning

Users can generate routes and other tactical control markup onto Farsight models. Routes can be overlaid with the Line of Sight analysis to evaluate adversary awareness.

Vertical Measurement Tool

Strengthen rapid mission planning by accurately determining building heights, lengths of roads, and more using the Vertical Measurement tool.

Helicopter Landing Zone Surveying

Helicopter Landing Zone Surveying takes doctrinal limits and airframe capabilities to suggest appropriate landing locations making CASEVAC, INFIL, and EXFIL safer for ground and air personnel.

Aerial Streamed Footage

Operators can easily view all collected imagery of specific points of interest.

Thermal Imaging

Farsight is compatible with infrared (IR) sensors allowing operators to create 3D models at night.

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