SAP Qualtrics Connector


The SAP Qualtrics Connector allows you to integrate an SAP Qualtrics tenant by registering its APIs and Events and providing an event bridge that publishes webhook events from SAP Qualtrics to the Kyma event bus. The integration uses the extensibility features available in the SAP C/4HANA cockpit based on concepts and solutions from the open-source project “Kyma”, so that you can easily develop Side-by-Side extensions.

NOTE: The integration is possible in the preview mode only. Do not use it in production scenarios.

Retrieve API key

The SAP Qualtrics Connector using API Key Authentication.

  1. Login to your SAP Qualtrics tenant
  2. Go to My Account > General Settings > Qualtrics ID
  3. If there is no API token already generated then generate a new one
  4. Copy the API token

Generate Token

Set up the SAP Qualtrics Connector

  1. Navigate to the Runtimes view under Extensibility in SAP C/4HANA cockpit and click on the cluster that you will be using
  2. Register a new system providing an appropriate name (e.g. ‘sap-qualtrics’)
  3. Click Kyma Console.
  4. In the Console, choose the Namespace, go to Catalog and select [Preview] SAP Qualtrics - Connector.
  5. Click Add once to install and configure the SAP Cloud for Customer Connector:

    Parameter Description
    API Key The SAP Qualtrics API Key that was retrieved in the first step
    Application Name The name of the registered system from step 2.
    Cluster Domain The domain of the Kyma cluster. For example,
    Qualtrics URL The URL of your SAP Quantrics tenant. For example