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Floraville is one of Blissful Real Estate Agents core suburbs for real estate sales in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie regions. This suburb supports a diverse demographic of young families, professionals and retirees.

With captial growth in line with the Newcastle average of 10 to 11%, Floraville has a solid history for reliable and sustained growth. Rental yields in Floraville are 5% with an average of 2.7% increase per year. Floraville is truly one of Newcastle’s favourite suburbs and this is why Blissful Real Estate are focusing their expertise on property sales and marketing for the Floraville region.

Blissful are experts in all areas of property sales and marketing, we provide a range of high quality, customer focused property sales services.  `

If you are planning to buy/sell a house in Floraville, it is best that you consult a licensed and experienced real estate agent for the purpose. Doing it on your own can help save the commission that you need to pay the agent. But it can be quite cumbersome, confusing, and cost you more money in the long run. Buying your dream home is a major financial and emotional investment on one hand. This is why you need to do it the right way the first time around. This is where the services of a local real estate agent come in handy. A local real estate agent can offer numerous benefits when buying or selling a home in your locality. Buying or selling the home will become quick and painless when you consult a local real estate agent in your area. They know the ins and outs of the local Floraville real estate market. They will get you the best house at the best possible price. They have access to the latest marketing data in the area. This will help you buy the house on a realistic pricing structure upon comparing homes in your town.

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Finding the best local Floraville Real Estate agent may not be easy with hundreds of agents operating in your area. This is where you need to do your research properly. It will help you pick the best local real estate agent when you decide to buy or sell your home in the area. Here at Blissful Real Estate Floraville we aim to provide a service without comparison, come and join the long list of satisfied clients today.

As experts in all areas of property sales and marketing, we provide a range of high quality, customer focused property sales services.

We offer a unique range of marketing strategies that are tailored to each clients needs.

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Property Management, including property rentals, management and maintenance.

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