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EPDM Washers For Extra Resistant Spacing 

EPDM washers are spacing components that are made from ethylene propylene diene monomer, which is a synthetic rubber. These washers provide a number of advantages that make them useful for many industrial applications.

EPDM rubber washers are meant to be placed in between fasteners and an installation surface. They are typically round and flat and may be made in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. While they provide load distribution in the same manner as metal washer, they are not rigid and are more effective as material barriers, vibration-dampers, cushioning devices, and sealing agents.

EPDM washers have become a widely used alternative to washers made from natural rubber. This is due in part to its resistance and integrity. EPDM rubber provides excellent resistance to temperature extremes. This material will also retain its structural integrity when subjected to steam, ozone, and varying environmental conditions. As a result, EPDM washers are suitable for exterior portions of a structure and equipment that’s kept outdoors. Common placements of EPDM washers include fastener assemblies on solar panels, rainwater collection containers, exterior storage units, and more. 

When placed below the head of a fastener, between two connected parts, or between a nut and installation surface, EPDM washers can help to preserve the longevity and integrity of an overall assembly. They are effective for damping vibration and tremor. This capability will then prevent the loss of tension that occurs when fasteners are regularly subjected to mechanical force.

The frictional coefficient of EPDM washers may vary based on the specific type and any additional coatings. In general, EPDM washers will provide a reliable grip that further serves to stabilize fasteners and joints.    

EPDM washers are reliable electrical insulators. This property—combined with its resistance to moisture and varying temperatures—has made EPDM washers a common addition to fastener assemblies used on HVAC, refrigeration, and processing equipment, as well as various industrial and household appliances. 

EPDM rubber washers are sometimes used in a gasket capacity. They will prevent leaks and maintain a sealed connection in pipework, hoses, and other hydrodynamic equipment. EPDM washers used in such a way will often have an extended interior diameter to permit the flow of liquids and gases. They will also have a reduced thickness to more tightly fit a hose, pipe, or valve opening. EPDM hose washers have become a common alternative to natural rubber hose washers. This material is also used to make o-rings that function in a similar capacity. 

EPDM washers have become a standard option as a synthetic rubber washer. They are carried by most hardware and small parts retailers. If special sizes, thickness, or shapes are required, or if notably large quantities are needed for industrial-scale purposes, these washers are best sourced directly from a stamping manufacturer or dedicated fastener distributor. 

What Is An EPDM Washer?

EPDM washers are spacing and sealing devices made from ethylene propylene diene monomer. They are frequently round and flat, resembling flexible discs. They are meant to be placed in between fasteners and installation surfaces in order to incorporate various properties. Their advantages include surface preservation, cushioning, vibration damping, and electrical insulation. EPDM washers can also be used in a gasket capacity and are effective for sealing connections in pipework, hoses, and spouts.   

Are EPDM Washers Waterproof?

EPDM washers are considered waterproof as they will seal connections and openings in various hydrodynamic applications, including HVAC and plumbing equipment. They can be used to seal the flow of liquids and gases when incorporated into a fastener assembly or connection between parts. They are also used as hose washers and gaskets. When waterproofing or sealing is needed within a grooved or threaded opening, an EPDM o-ring may be better suited than a washer.