DHM Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

DHM is proud to extend our hybrid ceramic bearings to the Onewheel family!

Our hybrid ceramic bearings that have been offered for our minimoto race bikes have been hugely successful over the past few years. Now your Onewheel can run the same bearings.

We chose 440C stainless as the bearing race to resist corrosion and rust from the everyday elements. The dual seals are contact seals to make sure any unwanted debris stays out of the bearing. Each bearing contains silicone nitride ceramic balls (si3n4) with nylon cages. We lubricate each bearing with Mobil Polyrex EM grease prior to shipping.

Ceramic is harder than steel, and therefore reduces rolling resistance and also prolongs life compared to standard steel bearings. Ceramic hybrids also run at cooler temperatures than steel bearings.

We’ve heard the claims that ceramics are more likely to crack and cause damage with OW use, but we haven’t found that to be true. A properly manufactured hybrid ceramic is better than a steel bearing in every way (except for cost).

Hybrid ceramics have been used in extreme conditions for wheel bearings in applications such as motorcycles, go-karts, and bicycles (including suspension-less BMX bikes that take serious hits).

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