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Intravenous (IV) administration is one of the most common forms of treatment offered in hospitals. It administers medication or fluids directly into a person's bloodstream. Intravenous means "into the vein." During IV administration, your medical provider will insert a plastic tube known as an IV catheter into your vein; this allows them to give you safe medication doses without having to prick you with a needle every time. In most circumstances, you can't administer an IV medication like how you take some infusion medication; an IV Therapy Austin is likely to give you the medication. Regardless of the IV medication you receive, the process is straightforward. Generally, your healthcare provider will walk you through the procedure. First, your provider will disinfect the injection site—mostly the arm and place a needle in the vein. After inserting the IV, your nurse will ensure the rate of delivery is correct. The fluid drips from the IV bag, through the catheter, and straight into your vein. Unlike oral medication, IV delivers medication into your bloodstream very first.



IV therapy can be beneficial to various people and situations, including anyone suffering from a hangover. It's an effective way to deliver medication, vitamins, and nutrients to the body because this method bypasses the digestive system. However, no matter how often you need IV therapy, you can’t administer it by yourself. You’ll need the help of an IV therapist in Austin, such as Fluid Revival, to receive the treatment. We provide IV hydration and vitamin infusions without your need to interrupt your schedule. Our specialists will also customize your IV therapy to fit your needs.



IV Hydration Therapy


Drug addiction is when a person compulsively wants drugs and can't control the urge and usage. In the initial stages, the individual might think he/she is in control of their use, and sometimes it may seem ordinary. However, over time they'll need larger doses to achieve the sensation of drug usage leading to drug addiction. Addiction recovery is complicated and needs a good recovery program, but IV Hydration Therapy can also be incorporated for fast recovery. At Fluid Revival may be of assistance. We offer IV NAD therapy and in-home services to residents of Austin. We include the most nutrients, micronutrients, minerals, and antioxidants in our infusions. The organic compound ATP in the body provides energy for many living cells, such as nerve impulse, muscle contraction, and chemical synthesis. Any successful addiction recovery requires lots of energy because the body is forced to combat fatigue caused by the constant flow of chemicals. NAD IV helps in processing ATP for increased energy production.






IV Vitamin Therapy


IV therapy isn't a new thing. It has been used in hospitals for decades to induce medication in patients. It's common to use IV therapy to administer essential medicines and vitamins and hydrate patients. Now, it's used to rejuvenate skin, boost the immune system, and even cure a hangover. But when it's the dreaded Monday morning hangover, how effective is IV Vitamin TherapyWhen you have a hangover after a night of overindulgence, you will likely drink lots of water, get a mug of coffee or some over-the-counter pain killer to ease the pain then sleep while you wait for it works. With IV therapy, you can deliver electrolytes, medication, fluids, and vitamins faster to the body because IV fluid is delivered straight into the bloodstream, promoting fast recovery. 


IV vitamin therapy for hangover restores hydration, promotes tissue repair, and supports the immune system. There are many IV hangover drips, but most contain electrolytes, vitamins, glutathione, and water. Water provides the hydration solution to increase blood circulation and remove toxins through the kidneys faster. Vitamins such as C, B1, zinc, calcium, and amino acids help in absorption because alcohol usually impairs the absorption of vitamins.


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