Good and Evil Personified:
The Peace Fountain

The Peace Fountain is an intricately designed modern art sculpture located in New York’s Manhattan City. It is nestled next to another piece of history known as the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. Both notable structures are located at the upper west side of Manhattan.

This beautiful fountain is often described as “huge and eccentric.” Sculpted completely out of bronze material, the fountain is the artistic work of Mr. John Wyatt.

The Peace Fountain is designed to symbolize the battle between good and evil by using the characters of Archangel Michael and Satan. However, there are additional sculpted symbols which also depict universal opposites. These include life and death, violence and harmony, and light and dark.

The Peace Fountain comes with a plaque which attempts to provide a description on the inspiration and motivation behind its creation. During an operation, water would stream from four nozzles which then ripples down the sculpture and pool at its base. Here, the water forms a whirlpool whose movement represents the chaos where Earth and the rest of the universe came from.

There is a square-shaped base at the fountain which is designed with intricately chiseled and rising flames. There is also a pedestal which sits on the base and has a shape that’s similar to a double helix of DNA. At the upper part of the pedestal sits a crab which aims to remind the viewer about the watery origins of life in the sea.

The fountain sits a full moon on the west side while a smiling sun can be seen sitting on the east side. These symbols are symmetric with each other. Behind the sun, there is a lion and a lamb that can be seen living together which is meant to represent peace. There are also 9 giraffes which are aptly chosen for the way they are regarded as the most peaceful animals found on the planet. They are seen as dancing and playing around the center of the fountain. Likewise, the center of the fountain shows Archangel Michael as he sliced off Satan’s head using his mighty sword. The head of the decapitated Satan is seen hanging from the crab’s claw.

The Peace Fountain is indeed an extremely complex and beautifully designed sculpture. Like all modern art forms, the fountain is created to evoke intense emotion in a spectator which leads him to think and perhaps even react. Words are not enough to describe the unique allure of this fountain. For anyone who intends to experience a piece of modern American sculpture, the Peace Fountain is one that shouldn’t be missed.