Playing Games — March 16, 2018

Artwork by Sharon Correa-Harris, Google Motion Designer

Bring it back to reality

Augmented reality has great UX potential, but AR apps still have to overcome significant headwinds in order to build an engaged base. Dig into three of the most common UX challenges facing the medium.

Design for difference

Creating products for users with different needs and abilities improves them for everyone. Check out these 7 tips for kicking off your own accessibility research.

Play with frustration

"I want to explore what frustration is like—it’s richer and more interesting than people think." Meet viral game designer Bennett Foddy, best known for creating the maddening and surprisingly addictive computer game Getting Over It. In the latest episode of Design Notes, learn how Foddy uses frustration as a design pattern and why games are the perfect combo of art and software.

Design Notes Episode 7

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