Hit Refresh — May 18, 2018

Artwork by Virginia Poltrack, Google Motion Designer

Partners in theming

Curious to see Material Theming in the real world? Check out how Lyft, Genius, NPR, Pocket Casts, and Zappos are bringing Material’s new tools and components to life in their own apps.

Android evolution

Time flies when you’re swiping! Android turns ten this year—to celebrate, take a look back at how the operating system’s UI evolved from skeuomorphic iconography to Material simplicity.

Creative constraints

“The first thing we make is called a ‘Seinfeld,’ which is an app that does nothing.” On the latest episode of Design Notes, Fictive Kin’s Cameron Koczon discusses how limiting features can lead to better apps and how good design is the foundation of impactful products.

Design Notes Episode 9

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