Extra Terrestrial — June 22, 2018

Artwork by Adam Grabowski, Google Motion Designer

Immersive experience

In Delhi and Jakarta, motorbikes are a way of life. See how local workshops, interviews, and a joyride or two helped designers on the Google Maps team build the app’s popular new “two-wheeler” mode for India and Indonesia.

Stay centered

“We have a responsibility to create things that are focused on the human experience.” Watch the first episode of Centered and subscribe to follow Design Advocate Yasmine Evjen around the world, as she explores the intersection of design, product, and people in a new video series.

The spectacle before us was indeed sublime

Did you know the text samples on Google Fonts come from public domain sci-fi novels? From John Munro to Mary Shelley, there are plenty of typographic specimens to explore—may we suggest Space Mono?

Google Fonts Space Mono

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