Bottom Line — July 13, 2018

Artwork by Guilherme Villar, YouTube Music Lead Visual Designer

Picture perfect

Scrolling. Latency. Aspect ratios. There’s a lot to think about when designing an online photo gallery. This week on Medium, UX engineer Antin Harasymiv details what it took to build the Google Photos web app.

Business relationships

Good design is good business, right? In this talk, UXReactor’s Satyam Kantamneni explains how concepts like design premiums, business risk, and impact ratios can bridge the gap between two seemingly disparate fields.

Ask a robot tamer

“The important thing is to embrace that you’re working with a creature.” On the latest episode of Design Notes, designer and researcher Madeline Gannon explains how embracing a robot’s idiosyncrasies can lead to more rewarding human machine interaction.

Design Notes Episode 11

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