Automated Experience — July 27, 2018

Artwork by Mario Kiang, Google Packaging Designer

Wait, what’s an API?

All the fonts at your fingertips, with a single line of code. That’s the magic of the Google Fonts API. Learn how the technology works, why it makes the whole web faster, and how you can use it to keep your type up-to-date and on point.


Pardon the meta-mention, but we just dropped our quarterly newsletter, and this time around it’s all about Material Design. Dive in for announcements, recaps, and recommendations, including a video hit-list of I/O’s best talks and a rundown of Material’s new power tools.

Pushing the limits

“When you don’t have a human in the driver’s seat, how do you recreate the [nonverbal] communication that takes place?” On the latest episode of Method, ride along in a self-driving car with Waymo’s Ryan Powell.

Method Episode 14

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