Digital Diet — August 10, 2018

Artwork by Guilherme Villar, Google Visual Designer

The (em)path to team building

Inclusive teams lead to inclusive tech products. Sounds obvious, right? Not so fast. Learn what it takes to build a product team that values empathy and diversity in this primer on creating an inclusive design culture.

Good design made easy

From tabs to typography, Material Components make crafting beautiful online experiences simple. Get the nuts and bolts on how the code and modules work with this guide to setting up Material Components for web.

Notifications → off

Technology should add to your life, not distract from it. With Android 9’s new Digital Wellbeing features—now in beta for Pixel—you can track how often you use your phone, set time limits, and pause notifications. Think of it as an easy digital detox.

Digital Wellbeing for Pixel

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