Eye Spy — October 5, 2018

Artwork by Heena Trivedi, Google Interaction Designer

Age of AI

“One user set up the camera while he washed the dishes and somehow expected interesting results. Instead, he got back a mundane loop of himself scrubbing a sheet pan.” LOL. Discover more peculiar insights about designing for AI from the team behind Google Clips.

We’re on the case

Understand your users. Understand their pain points. Define the user problems. There’s a lot to think about when building a rationale for a product redesign. This week on Medium, designer Maple Kuo explains how she gathered insights and support for redesigning Firebase’s stability tracker, Crashlytics.

Type secret

Can a typeface help people think about privacy? 🕵 On the latest episode of Design Notes, interdisciplinary designer Sang Mun talks about how working for the NSA inspired his shape-shifting ZXX typeface.

Download: Design Notes, Ep 13

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