Design Dash — October 26, 2018

Artwork by Jeremy Edelblut, Google Visual Designer

Sonic snippets

With SPAN Helsinki less than a week away, we wanted to reflect back on the most memorable insights from last year’s conference. Tune in for lessons on the impact of gamifying language learning, communing with robots, and the surprising bond between architecture and AI.

Eyeing icons

Anatomy. Lighting. Finish. We’re talking icons! Get the ins and outs of designing proper product icons and cohesive visuals with this handy Material guide to iconography.

Home run

In a creative rut? Dash over to the Design Sprint Kit site, a resource for solving problems through our six-step prototyping and user testing process. Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned facilitator, up your sprint game with downloadable tools and templates, like this Product Sprint PDF.👇

Download: Product Design Sprint

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