Sight Lines — April 22, 2019

Artwork by Thomas Messenger, Google Visual Designer

Elements of surprise

From the history of alchemy to the interactive building blocks of design systems, get a masterclass on designing delightful digital experiments from Google UX Research Lead Elizabeth Churchill.

Hot diggity dog data

Why does a dog bite 👟👡👞? Why does a dog 👅? Explore a dog’s life with these playful infographics inspired by the 2,150 most asked dog questions in Google Search. Whether you're a dog lover or not, the data viz design will have you wagging with excitement.

Serious about snapshots

What’s it like to be Vanity Fair’s Visual Director? We found out! Listen in as Clinton Cargill unpacks the art of crafting compelling stories through photography, and why a critical eye is essential to his creative process.

Download: Design Notes, Clinton Cargill

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