Back to School — September 10, 2019

Artwork by Qi Zhou, Google Visual Designer

Brand refresh

Goodbye, desserts. Hello, Android 10. The latest Android release comes with a new (and more universally pronounceable) naming system, plus a new look for the Android itself. Check out the evolution of the logo on Google’s blog 👽

Bauhaus lessons

“The Bauhaus centenary led me to ask: What can UX learn from this iconic school?” This week on Medium, Google UX Director Jens Riegelsberger considers what the renowned German school can teach today’s designers about simplicity, collaboration, and Gesamtkunstwerk.

Art + code

What happens if you collaborate on a drawing—with a robot? What if the algorithm is the art? Design Notes chats with New Media Artist Harvey Moon about his software-generated drawings and the nature of creative authorship. Tune in 👇

Design Notes: Harvey Moon

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