Down the Rabbit Hole Edition 🕳️🐇

We get it. Sometimes you just want to buckle up and tumble down the design rabbit hole—reading, watching, and experimenting with all the info you can find on a particular topic. To equip you for such adventures, we’ve made handy bundles of articles, videos, and resources on some of our most popular subjects—like design for AI products and emerging markets. Read on for a taste of our premier article collections as well as highlights from recent podcast episodes, 5 Things to Love Right Now, and more.

The Human Side of AI

How do you design with AI and machine learning? The articles and videos in our People + AI Research (PAIR) collection deliver practical insights from Google designers building inclusive AI products, and offer a human-centered perspective on the UX of ML. Learn about the design process behind the Google Clips camera, and why fair is not the default for data-driven experiences.

Globe-Trotting UX

In our ever-growing collection of articles on design for emerging markets, explore how factors like connectivity and content informed the making of YouTube Go, why more designers need to get out of the office and into the field, and how to choose the right prototyping method for your global product.

Find Your Perfect Type

Typography is a subtle art. This font-friendly collection of case studies, step-by-step guides, and editorial features covers it all: Meet the new wave of Indian typographers; Dive into our beginner's guide and learn how to choose web fonts; Brush up on the history of digital typefaces with the fascinating origin story of Spectral.

What’s New on Google Design

Catch up on the latest episodes of the Design Notes podcast for new and noteworthy profiles of “Getting Over It” game designer Bennett Foddy, DIA Creative Director Mitch Paone, and educator Molly Wright Steenson. Over on Method, hear about the surprisingly complicated process of designing the Pixel setup screen, the science of speech, and the future of AI-powered products. Also, both podcasts are now available on Spotify: Design Notes, Method.

5 Things to Love Right Now

Selected by Seth Cheeks, a New York-based Senior Visual Designer working on Google’s Corporate Engineering team.

Creative Applications

CA makes me feel like a kid discovering art supplies for the first time. No matter where I’m at with personal projects or work projects, something on the blog always inspires me—whether it’s a weird interface or piece of performance art.

Karel Martens

Karel’s work is some of my favorite “graphic design”—the treatment of shape, type, color, and materials is something I never get tired of. Why? It's rad and I’m drawn to his playful yet intelligent aesthetic. See also: Meeting Karel Martens.

Image credit: Courtesy the artist and P! / Prem Krishnamurthy

Hopps Skateboarding

In 2007 I met Jahmal Williams, a pro skateboarder who was teaching himself how to draw vector graphics in order to start his own skateboard company. I helped Jahmal get Hopps online and today, the company’s boards feature street-inspired graphics with a minimal vibe.

Design + Code

I’ve always loved tinkering with code and making really polished prototypes. This is an interactive experience for designers, where you build the app that you use to learn.

Unit Editions

I purchase way too many books, but Unit Editions has such great volumes on typography, brand identity, and design—it’s hard to resist adding them all to my library.

Want to learn more about what Seth Cheeks and other Visual Designers do at Google? Check out our jobs page.


What’s the design industry’s biggest challenge? Not having a “seat at the table”—that’s according to the 13,000 designers who took part in the 2017 Design Census. Head over to to see more data on happiness, diversity, pay, and other facets of the field.

In a cheesy act of love, Google Fonts officially adopted the Unicode hamburger emoji on behalf of Google this Valentine’s Day.

Paper has been a central metaphor for Material Design from the start, and now our paper icon prototypes are on display in SF MoMA’s “Designed in California” exhibition. The show explores the Golden State’s storied design culture.

From smart displays to Android Auto, check out all the Assistant-powered products we showed off at CES 2018.

Google’s Lead Sound Designer Conor O’Sullivan shares how he makes notification pings effective (not annoying), and why AOL Instant Messenger has had a lasting impact on product sound design—all in this audio-rich episode of the Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast.

Meet Ivy Ross, Google’s Head of Hardware and the design mind behind Google Home, the Pixel laptop, and more Google devices, in this quirky Q&A.

Just in time for the Olympics, Google Fonts launched five Korean web fonts for designers and developers working in the nation’s Hangul writing system.